Six were dead as relatives, two people suffer from the age of 6


At 12 o'clock on 22nd November, Binh Phuoc is still co-ordinated by the professional units involved in the test Accidents crashed between car tanks, fire trucks, 19 houses, and 6 people killed, 2 people were injured.

Binh Phuoc police chiefs indicated that 6 fire deaths initially identified in the case, including Nguyen Thi Cam Tu (37); Le Hoang Anh (age 15, Tu's sister), Le Ngoc Han (6 years, sister of Tu), a woman called Tham (36, Tu's sister), Vo Hong Anh (6 years old) ; age) unknown identity (his brother Hong Anh).

Family members and friends of each other are the ones who suffer.

A fuel tank was inserted into a series of firearms: 6 were dead relatives, 2 victims of age 6 and 6 years old - Picture 1.

The fireplace scene

Previously at 4:36 pm on the same day on the QL13 on Hamlet 3B, Minh Hung, the Chon Thanh division, Binh Phuoc had a traffic disaster between gasoline tankers (CC: 93C-2689, with the Thach Van Phong driver from the Tra Vinh region, the Chon Thanh area, the side of Chon Thanh – Binh Long) and three cars running along with the driver Bui Van Vinh (SN 1975, Chon Thanh).

The disaster caused the petroleum truck (10 blocks of oil, 4 gasoline blocks) to be converted and distributed to the place of residence on the big national route13.

A fuel tanker was included in a series of firearms: 6 people were dead, 2 those who suffered 6 years old - Picture 2.

Property inside the house was burned

Fuel tanker into a series of fire houses: 6 were the relatives dead, the older two were older than 6 years old - Picture 3.

People's vision caused a lot of pity

As a result, 19 houses were set up to house businesses (which included two flats) and killed 6 people fire. The car accident tanker who has been severely injured in emergency at Cho Ray Hospital, the tricycle driver has been wounded in a small degree. Statistical damages are currently statistical.

As soon as the event happened, Binh Phuoc's Provincial Police Director was present at the time of the event, guide the fire, rescue the victims and his / her; overcome the damaged. By 5:25 the fire is under control.

The cause of the case is still under review.

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