Six years in Holland, two weeks to stay there too


The size of the family group that has been in the Netherlands for more than five years (one of the requirements for children's pardon), but has never made an application clear. However, recently thirty-family attempted to submit a request for children's pardon, possibly related to this group.

Wil Eikelboom, the chairman of the Asylum Solicitors Association and a lawyer for different audio families, almost not estimate how many applications will come out. He thinks there are dozens and perhaps hundreds of families.

Anyone who believes they can be able to submit a child's pledge to 25 February. 14 pages must be completed and 164 euros must be paid per person. Applicants must also go to the IND office. As a result of this compulsory journey, Eikelboom expects the number of people who want little to do. "People who do not stand up, I prefer not campaigning near the IND office because they are afraid to get rid of the attack", says Eikelboom.

Criteria available

In the new criteria set for children's pardon, the co-operation criteria have been extinct. However, another special situation has been added: the available available & # 39; "It's now a matter that you need to be available before leaving," said director Aly van Berckel, IND.

The criterion means that the family stayed or those who were not with them in a COA reception center in the Netherlands, for example a family setting. Towns, such as bed, bed and bread and bread, are not covered by emergency shelters here.

To a large extent, Eikelboom plans to move. It still does not get the clear policy. "There was a benchmark for co-operation, now a criteria is available, which means that the government needs to know where you were living." There may be issues where this central government does not know, the city or school. "

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