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At the closing session attendance included: Former Secretary General: Le Kha Phieu, Nong Duc Manh; Former President Tran Duc Luong; Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc; Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan; The Old Chairman of the National Assembly: Nguyen Van An, Nguyen Sinh Hung; Chairman of the Vietnam Central Frontlandland Committee, Tran Thanh Man and other directors, former directors of Front Party, State, Vietnam.

The National Assembly heard members of the Sustainable Committee of the National Assembly, General Secretary of the National Assembly, Office Director of the National Assembly's Office, Nguyen Hanh Phuc who delivered the report to, explain, receive and review a draft draft of the sixth session of the National Assembly. to meet XIV. Deputy Secretary General of the National Assembly Hoang Thanh Tung presented the draft draft of the sixth session, the National Assembly XIV.

The intention expressed that the National Assembly was to consider and write; The following decision is decided in the sixth session: a President's election and his / her; accept the intention to elect the President; Include the remunerator, appoint the Minister for Information and Communications and accept two intentions on the content of this staff; Over nine laws: the Law against Corruption; Police Law Persons; The Law of Amnesty; Law changes and contributes to some of the Law articles on Higher Education; Law on Animal Work; Law of Cultivation; Vietnam Marine Police Law; The Law Reform of State Runners; Law has changed and improved some of the 37 articles related to planning.

The Congress has also taken a resolution to & # 39; Fully Participated Partnership and Transnational Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) and associated instruments; Consider six bills: Law Education (amended); Architecture Lag; Law on Tax Administration (modified); The Law on the Change and Increase of Number of Articles of Public Investment Law; Legally enforcing criminal offense (amended); Law prevention and harm of harm and beings.

At this meeting, the National Assembly also decided to remove the draft Public Procurement Rights from the Law and Order of Order 2019 and to suspend a draft of this Law; Consideration and & # 39; the Legal Law (amended) Bill is licensed at the Seventh Session (May 20-20); To enlarge, reform and rename the scope of its Bill in terms of change and its. Contribute to a number of articles of law regarding the enforcement of criminal justice into the law on the enforcement of criminal (enhanced) penalties.

The National Assembly also made a vote of confidence and expressed its intention to & # 39; Confirms the results of a courage of confidence for 48 people. keep the office elected or agreed by the National Assembly, and answer questions and answer questions about the implementation of the National Assembly's intention of specialist guidance and questioning from the beginning of the term to the end of the # 39 ; fourth session. The National Assembly will require Government members to make representations to the Nazi. In order to accelerate the implementation of comprehensive and effective solutions and to limit the constraints in delivering ambitions on specialist guidance and questioning from the beginning of the term to the end of the & fourth session, reporting to the National Assembly. Meeting at the following meetings.

The National Assembly will also review reports on the results of the implementation of the National Assembly's resolutions on socio-economic development plans, a state budget in 2018, a socio-economic development plan State books in 2019; Mid-term audit of the implementation of its 2016-2020 mid-term public investment plan.

The National Assembly also made four objections to: the socio-economic development plan in 2019, which estimates that the state budget in 2019, the main budget in 2019, is a change to its; medium sector public investment plan 2016-2020 section.

The National Assembly also reviewed the mid-term evaluation reports for the implementation of the 2016-2020 socio-economic five year plan, economic restructuring, national target programs and national finances; To consider the report on the evaluation of the outcomes of a three-year activity to socio-economic development policy for minority ethnicities and mountain areas. To identify the Government to create a major plan for investment in socio-economic development in minority ethnic and mountainous areas and areas that meet specific difficulties and submit them to the National Assembly for consideration and decision at her 8th session. October 2019) to be implemented since 2021.

Heads of Party, State during the times at the closing.

Also at this session, the National Assembly reviewed the reports about blocking, and # 39; anti-crime and breach of law; evaluative performance; Combating corruption in 2018; settlement of complaints and complaints; Justice Justice & Human Rights Prosecutor's Headquarters work in 2018; Drawing opinions and voters' proposals and people; Results of settlement instructions and voters' responses to 5th session and other reports of the organizations and organizations involved. The National Assembly will require the Government, organizations and organizations involved in investigating and analyzing their services. get all the ideas of the representatives of the National Assembly and the views of voters and people who are sent to the sessions; Implement solutions to improve the effectiveness of areas of work in the future.

Congress sponsored the expansion of panoramic pilots for foreigners to enter Vietnam under Rún Àir. 30/2016 / QH14 within two years from 1-2-2019.

The National Assembly has designated the Government to develop a national land use strategy until 2045; To further improve the legal system and the media and policies to make Rùn Àir. Implement the 36-NQ / TW on the strategy for the sustainable development of the marine economy up to 2030 with a vision to 2045.

The National Assembly also amended the functions of the State Examination specified under Resolution No. 60/2018 / QH14 of the National Assembly from "survey of the use of land income of state-owned enterprises in 2011 -2017" to "investigate land management and use during and after balance of state-owned enterprises in 2011-2017 ".

The National Assembly messages also heard the Chairman of the National Assembly, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, the closing of the meeting (pictures). In his speech, the National Assembly Chairman reviewed the contents of the sixth session of the National Assembly, and he estimated that the sixth session would continue to improve and improve its position. ; improving the quality of activities. The National Assembly; conversation, debate and interpretation to create a vibrant environment, democracy, responsibility, attraction and human opinion, voters. The result of the session is to create confidence in unity and unity to achieve next year's activities and for the 2016-2020 term.

National Assembly Chairman, Nguyen Thi, Kim Ngan, said the National Assembly was saying that there was active partnership, wisdom and commitment from the representatives of the National Assembly; Preparation, commitment and hard work of the agencies of the National Assembly, the Government and the organizations and organizations involved in the preparation and conduct of the meeting.

The National Assembly Chairman also suggested that the representatives of the National Assembly continue to promote the results of the session, listening to the thoughts and aspirations of voters and the people, explore, learn and understand the truth. To display and display. recommends the National Assembly, the Government and bodies responsible and actively involved in the legislative and management work.

The National Assembly Chairman, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, said the last session of the Sixth National Ninth Assembly XIV.

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