Skakaig attacks hundreds of eupances. That's how they're doing it!


Picture: Orange

The internet is where we get jobs from the people in care, from the caretaker sites, and the advert we want to be close to. In addition, however, people who do not have the ultimate goals to translate the internet. A 19-year-old man from Humenne, who has lost a loss of 890 euros because he was unhappy, was also sure.

His case was reported by a Slovak Republic Police on her website on fraud, hoaxes.

The ceater works as an entrepreneur.
Obetiam has sent € 800 to account.

The method of stealing money is suspicious at his first eye. A person who wants to make himself rich at the cost of the unsuccessful person to work as a businessman. It needs "income" in the company, so people want or not; migration You can send € 800 to your account. Instead of a bank account, however, he wants credit card information. This is proven because it works in business accounts. This information is not true.

For such a deceit, a 19-year-old Humenné, who, lost 890 euros. His mailbox is not allowed to control the control of private conversations. The only thing that he does respond to a message statement, which are some ways to break network or law rules. If you are painted on a similar piece of paper, stay and tell, you can save hundreds of euros.

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