SKANDIRA STADION MUB IBRO SRBINE, AND HULIGANI MAKE TO METAL SHEALAN! Famous information about the brutal attack on Napredak players at Krusevac! | Sport


Last night at Phioneer's Park when a number of young lads started first, and then they physically put into the dark skin players the sunken wound.

Spokesperson Napretka, Valentina Vasic, said racial causes were not the cause of the attack

"They did not stop them on a decision base, but they cursed them." The players asked them, "What are you doing," said Valentina to Telegraph.

Ibrahim has been in Krusevac for six years and is one of the best football players in the town.

"We were all in fish, especially because the whole game was screaming Ibro Srbin and Ibro Charapan, one of the best football players in the town because it's been so long, "said Napretka.

Ibrahim was 24 years old who was seriously injured as he was attacked by a metal rod, long and Baha Regis was injured, RTS commented.

The police at Krusevac are working hard to recognize a ghost.

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