Skec owners buy Portuguese Indaqua companies from Israel – Companies


Bridgepoint has announced international private equity funds Tuesday it is agreed to buy the Miya group from Arison Investments, Israeli company Shari Arison (pictured), one of the richest women in the country.

This business has a great influence in Portugal, as Miya has a & # 39; Indaqua management, one of the largest national water supply companies.

Miya began to control Indaqua in 2016 after buying this company from Mota-Engil for 60 million euros. Recent recently (last year), a Portuguese construction company and Miya's other company, with a 55% sales Mota-engil in Vista Water Angolan's capital.

In a statement, Bridgepoint notes that, since he received Indaqua, the "Miya Group" successfully "successfully" on the implementation of an "effective impact" to a Portuguese company that had a "positive impact" to work company.

Indaqua is a water supply management company, featuring songs in Fafe, Santo Tirso / Trofa, Feira, Matosinhos, Vila do Conde and S. João da Madeira, serving 600,000 residents. The company is led by Amit Horman and employs 600 people.

Bridgepoint is a private equity fund with worldwide jobs that have already been strong in Portugal as the Sapec agricultural unit has already completed 456 million euro.

Born in New York and living in Tel Aviv, Shari Arison, the richest woman in Israel, is thought to have been determined by Forbes at around five billion euros.

"The Miya group has been created with me, with the vision of providing pure-clean water all over the world. For me, the most important thing for this vision is to continue," said the industry reported in a statement. The contract value was not published.

"Bridgepoint is one of the oldest private justice companies that are present in the Iberia Rubha and after receiving a Sapec Agro in 2017, this activity demonstrates our commitment to invest in businesses with a list successful and contributes to the sustainability of natural resources while at the same time responding to the demands of a growing population, "said private equality partner Héctor Pérez.

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