Skinny at the Bayern game: TV fault for referee Bibiana Steinhaus


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Followers all over the world were looking forward to the FC Baysburg FC FC game. In one country, the live image was cut on TV – rather than referee Bibiana Steinhaus.

Munich – The Bundesliga games are now broadcast all over the world, FC Bayern Munich games are ahead. Musicians around the world will host the games at a & # 39; German-player player – and they'll definitely be happy on Friday's duel with FC Augsburg (Ticker at *: Wilder Ritt at FC Augsburg against Bayern – but a huge concern for Coman).

Bayern Munich: Game against FC Augsburg as the referee Bibiana Steinhaus is not on TV

In one country, Bayern's supporters were waiting to face the TV, however, secretly to a living image. Due to: The Munich game was introduced in Augsburg from Iran from the short TV TV program. What happened?

According to Iran media statements they gave state television IRIB just before the crash game. Reason: Bibiana Steinhaus the referee.

Video: Steinhaus Translator and short short conduct for Iran

Bibiana Steinhaus is not in minutes at the Bayern game that meets the requirements in Iran

On television in Iran, there are tight rules as women who are decorated in a volunteer way can not be shown. Bibiana stone house appearing on the football field? In fact, no, but under "permissible", an application is in Iran and female athletes in minutes.

There would be another option – usually with films – for spreading the individual scenes. However, this was not possible in FC Augsburg FC Bayern Munich game, as Bibiana Steinhaus was almost always in the picture.

Bayern Munich and Bibiana Steinhaus: Football fans who disturb Iran's decision

Football fans throughout Germany are unhappy with their decision in Iran. On Twitter, they indicate that they are unhappy when they have stopped the # 39; a game from television in Iran.

"Here the relevant clubs would be reported. Despite that, I came to the uncomfortable thoughts, that they would be on the #Steinhaus" future; deleted "due to expensive money …", a Twitter user will write. Another man asks that seabirds say that men have an adverse effect on Iran's men. "

But not only do Germanian fans play their opinion on her. Subject, in other countries, the television scandal Bibiana Steinhaus and FC Bayern Munich are a big subject.

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