ŠKODA advises: It's not a safe murder of science: it's obvious that it's obvious that life can be saved!


BRATISLAVA November 21, 2018 (WBN / PR)

  • Experts say: people do not do well. If the seat belt is not used properly, the effectiveness of a bag has been lost
  • Even pregnant women must be securely tied and the special BeSafe Pregnant
  • Children to 150 cm need to travel in a car seat, the type is based on the age and weight of the child
  • Experts in the Security Research team have set up a set of teaching courses and appropriate security preparation classes for all members of the team

Safety belts in passenger cars have saved more than a million lives in accidents. Fortunately, today, the majority of Slovak drivers need to be linked, but unfortunately not all of them have to do it; doing the right thing. Practical guidance for individual target groups Raising experts from the ŠKODA Road Safety Inquiry Team, who has investigated more than a thousand traffic discharges over the last 10 years.

The most effective safety belts are at a distance of 50 km / h. Their influence depends on the type of cold. If there is a disturbance, the performance of a belt is 43%, with a 39% side effect, in the back behind 49% and when the carriage is offset; up to 77%. It's not just how you use to get hold before each vehicle starts, but how we make this function self-folded and self-evident.

The right position behind the direction wheel

Before starting on cycling, it is important to position the right belt correctly, properly restrict and correct the correct restraint. The pace of the seat of pedals should be so when the pedals are very tough, the legs are bent in the knees. The change of the seat height needs to be changed so that the driver has a good view and there should always be a gap between the head and the roof, the wheel is kept correctly in the place "three to three ", with the umbrellas on their knees. This situation provides the driver with the best settings to avoid moving.

The seat belt needs to be changed so that the traveler does not steer through the neck but over his shoulder. The ribbon that stretched the neck could make a hard cut at the place where the articles are going to do; guidance. At the bottom, the belt must be controlled through the pelvic bone, not the abdomen. So we will try to download the fault as low as possible. After going on, the belt should be strongly opposed to its & # 39; body. There is a lot of unpleasantness, but if falling, the body's protection belt will not immediately absorb the body, and it will continue with a high speed wind turbine for a long time longer. Later they come close to the & # 39; spiritual aerial and this is a dangerous one. Many people will allow the zone to go straightforward, long & # 39; s women are holding their hands in hand to prevent them from being pressed in the & # 39; hill. In this case, the belt works hard, the body will not stop and the risk will be stopped; to destroy attack, not only from airbags but also from the safety zone itself.

"When the bag is hit, it is filled in a large segment of a double. At the time the head is flying, the sack is pressed and so it really hard, " explains head of Road Safety Inquiry Team ŠKODA AUTO Jiří Haman. "The agency begins to empty its luggage with its weight and its flexibility. However, the system is counting a connection. If the" achieve this basic situation, its accidental vehicle will move in the disaster, and then it will go on at the front of the air that is growing grows. The man is landed in an airplane that still fills it, and that's so dangerous, " to contribute to Jiří Haman.

In this case, the air has been more harmful than to # 39; help. It can cause abuse or even break the connection. In order to minimize the risk, manufacturers are able to install a pyrotechnic safety belt in cars. If it happens, the belt will be moved automatically and its lock is locked in the right place. It is determined when the advocates are used along with airbags, the risk is at risk. The only problem with the insecure seatbelt that makes clothes, especially in winter, is when they go; Use rugged sweets and polo jackets. It is recommended to & # 39; subtract at least the highest. In other cases, care needs to be taken to ensure that their / belt with bare skin that could be burned in the disaster and its # 39; eliminate serious injuries. Great connectivity problems can also make objects in chest pockets. Stones, medals, or mobile phones that remain between her / her; body and belt are also injured in an accident. At a speed of 50 km / h, there is a 90 ton weight which highlights almost 5.5 tons. Such a pressure needs to be retained. If there is a hard thing between it and its body, it will be pressed by its & # 39; this weight.

Grow fertilizer

It is important to say from the outset, it is certain that women are not in a position to be able to travel easily. Even here, however, there is not a # 39; belt but if placed on the prescribed place. The correct use of three-seat seat belts helps to & # 39; reduce the risk of rapid felling and car accidents. Belt-seat syndrome, which causes more pressure on women's poor and potentially seriously injured. The shoulder strap, which should not be out of the shoulder, is a & # 39; ran between the shoes above the top of the stomach that is heavy. The seat belt needs to be comfortable – it is not tight or rooted. The base of the belt must be carried under the stomach of the pregnant woman, not through it. Confidential arrangement based on its inner belt is provided by the effective BeSafe Pregnant. In a simple way, it will make sure that vehicle belts, traffic disruptions, and & # 39; move up to the abdomen. The manufacturer offers two installation options – by & # 39; using a seatbelt or more suited to the ISOfix system, which is now a common feature of the front and back sets in new vehicles. In both cases, the aid is placed on the driver's seat or passengers (front and back) and affecting one of the figures above. As a result, a woman is sitting, a & n; connect and submit to & # 39; The lower part of the car zone to the warden holder. It is recommended to use this help from the time it is; woman finding out that she is in a different situation, at least from the second month of her; age.

Photograph: ŠKODA AUTO

Children's situation is safe

If a child has a 36 kg vehicle in the vehicle and the height of the body is less than 150 cm, the driver must be placed in the children's seat. For children up to about 13 kg, type 0, resp. 0+ (eggs). These car seats are always used against a traveling route. The chair can be used in the front seats and grazings. In smaller children, in & # 39; First step, we will send the child into the city, and then we will send the child along with the child. If the seat is carried in the front seat, the passenger airbag must always be extinct. The seat is placed on the seat, the seat belt is initially guided through the city, the legs are extended with the appropriate hands or eyes. After the lock has been clicked, the belt will go through the back of the seat, and # 39; stretch with the appropriate connection and tighten it. The hand has changed to the traveling situation in front of the child, and appropriate business is determined by dragging. If the child is in the seat in the back seat, it will be placed on the one that allows parents to go to; install and remove the seat in the car safely – that's, to platform or side of the road.

Type 1 car seats are suitable for children from 1 to 4 years old. This type is a longer-term protection offer that has a & # 39; including better waste energy, and therefore more solvent of fragile body parts, including head and neck. In the event of an accident, it will be a shield that includes a & # 39; impact and reduce the risk of flying bed bed.

For children of 25 kg, a variety of children's seats 3 are used. It is the amazing change with a backup that also protects the side effects. Simple backup without a background that provides protection is essential, in particular, it does not. protect the neck and head of the child. Criterion is essential when choosing a car seat to make it comfortable for children, and it is important to try to make the most of it. solve / safely discharged / safely. Before purchasing, it is important to remember to try the correctly installed city in your car.

Practical summary and short of your secure connection and your children in a downloadable infographic that you can print and have in your car: Doing right in the & # 39; car.

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