ŠKODA Challenge: Find out the best service and the year's salesman


BRATISLAVA November 20, 2018 (WBN / PR)

  • There were around 162 competitors in the 9th anniversary of ŠKODA Challenge
  • Winners of the 6th Division of the National Challenge ŠKODA will be on to the international finals
  • Successful 10 years of ŠKODA AUTO Slobacia Training Center in Nitra: over 17,000 trained staff

Within the 9th anniversary of the ŠKODA Challenge 2018 Information Competition, there were 162 employees from the ŠKODA Service and the Frog Network in Slovakia. In the national finals we met the best service and the best sellers. The 6 department winners have made their way to the international finals that will be held next year in Sibenik Cróatach.

"There are many factors that authenticate the user's application to their brand, and the quality and complexity of services are essential. The ŠKODA Challenge Challenge promotes Devolved service staff to develop their skills and knowledge to increase the satisfaction of ŠKODA customers. Competition is very challenging and complex, and it is essential for a high level of participation and achievement with competitors " Ing. Marek Růžička, chief executive ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko.

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Within the 9th anniversary of the ŠKODA Challenge 2018 Information Competition, there were 162 employees from the ŠKODA Service and the Frog Network in Slovakia. Photograph: ŠKODA AUTO

For the national visit 9th grade competition ŠKODA Challenge from the ŠKODA authorized network in Slovakia 162 service workers and retailers. They competed in 6 sections: Service Technology, Diagnostics Technology, Service Advisor, Summer Parts Manager, Design and new vehicle dealer. They first went through the online mail. Six of the most successful competitors from each department went to the Slavic decisions, which were held for the second time with the Czechs in Mladá Boleslav. The winners won awards in November at the Prague gala evening.

Which is the best service and the seller in Slovakia in 2018? In the category Service technology It has been protected from previous year's effects Gabriel Kormuth (AUTOCOMODEX TRNAVA). Also in the department Technology Diagnostics Its last win again this year Jaroslav Kaprálik (IMPA Dolny Kubin), like it Andrej Simko (RM JET), which has been the best Service Advisor. category Head of other parts oversight Rastislav Petkáč (IMPA Bratislava) and in category lakovač won Branislav Zágora (ALD MOBIL SL). The first place in the department New vehicle dealer won Ján Vasiľ (All Košice), who remembered his two-year impact.

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Within the 9th anniversary of the ŠKODA Challenge 2018 Information Competition, there were 162 employees from the ŠKODA Service and the Frog Network in Slovakia. Photograph: ŠKODA AUTO

The World Cup winners will be representing Slocek at Final Final ŠKODA Challenge in June 2019 in Croatian Sibenik. At the height of competition, the Socks are consistently placed in the original seats worthy of their dedication and professionalism. "I want to win success in the international finals and I believe, a & # 39; Thanks to our features, we will reinforce how we constantly stand among the world's best service and retailers, says Ing. Marek Růžička.

ŠKODA Challenge is a knowledge-based competition based on knowledge of all service technology, councilors, all staff working in service and sales. The main idea of ​​this event is to find the best service and retailers at a global level. The competition will help ŠKODA to increase the quality standards of the services provided, as well as promoting additional improvements in the knowledge and practical level of staff.

The quality of sales and sales services of ŠKODA's updated partners in technical and non-technical activities can help to; successfully build their own training center with ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko, located in Nitra. In ten years of work, experts from the Center, who have trained in-service training in Mlada Boleslav, over 17,000 services and retailers in Slovakia.

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Results of the Sackets Challenge ŠKODA Challenge 2018

Service technology
1st place Gabriel Kormúth AUTOCOMODEX TRNAVA, spol. s r.o. Trnava
2 places Dominik Vyrubal SLOVAKIA KARIREAL, a. Bratislava
3 places Rudolf Tisoň AUTOCENTRUM BYSTRIANSKY, spol. s r.o. lučenec
Technology Diagnostics
1st place Jaroslav Kaprálik IMPA Dolný Kubín, s.r. Dolný Kubín
2 places Peter Kvasňovsky IMPA Bratislava, a.s. Bratislava
3 places Miroslav Lietavec IMPA Liptovský Mikuláš, s.r. Liptovský Mikuláš
Service Advisor
1st place Andrej Simko RM JET, spol. s r.o. Trnava
2 places Michal Pilát Š – AUTOSERVIS Bardejov, s.r. Bardejov
3 places Martin Niňaj All Ružomberok. r. o. Ruzomberok
Head of other parts
1st place Rastislav Petkáč IMPA Bratislava, a.s. Bratislava
2 places Jozef Charvát Porsche Inter Auto Slovakia, spol. s r.o. Bratislava
3 places Ivan Dianovský AUTONOVA, sir. Poprad
1st place Branislav Zágora ALD MOBIL SL, sir. Stará Ľubovňa
2 places Radian Kalianko All Žilina s.r. Žilina
3 places Patrick Chudý FIRST TIME TRANSITIONS S.r.o. Trenčín
New vehicle dealer
1st place Ján Vasiľ All Košice s.r.o. Košice
2 places Branislav Süč EUROMOTOR, spol. s r.o. Banská Bystrica
3 places Patrik Víglaský EUROMOTOR, spol. s r.o. Banská Bystrica

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