Skoda is a superb anniversary published


Skoda is a superb anniversary publishedThe third module is available from 2015.

Skoda created the 500,000 th third generation generation. The third module has been distributed since 2015, reports on

The first mention of Skoda Superb dates back to 1934 when it achieved 640 Superb.

The car must be with the Latin word Superbus, which can be translated into Russian as “marvelous”, “amazing”, “marvelous”. T Until 1949, the name Superb was granted to limousines with a Czech brand.

Later, the market module left the market, but in 2001 the Volkswagen revived it. Seven years later, the second generation of its model became the Geneva Motor Show. Meanwhile, a new wheelchair version of the novel appeared in the market and in 2009 the Combi version appeared in the station carriage.

The first generation of the Skoda Superb model was sold in the sum of 136,000 units. From 2008 to 2015, the second Superb generation was sold around the world with a tour of 618.5 miles of cars. The third generation of the car is currently underway, and the company in Kvasiny distributed 358,200 copies of the modules.

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What will the next generation of Skoda Superb be, it is not clear. At the same time, it is known that there is a new level of this year's life-cycle preparation, within a framework that will be updated and updated by a plug-in.

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