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Škoda Octavia introduced as a follower ...

Škoda Octavia introduced as himself
Spartaka fan, ie Škoda 440/445. She was doing something more modern. Z
the front of this two-door sedan, for example, is away from "reflection" which,
which was originally above the bog.
Author: Škoda-Auto

A story about the Octavia began much earlier than in 1959 they started the lines
race in Mladá Boleslav to meet the first examples. Škoda Octavia
It was not a new car; there. It was based on the old Škoda 440/445, its name
Spartak, who has been in the world for five years. Spartak a & # 39; first model
Damage born after nationalization. It may not be necessary to remember that
economies in the economy were not particularly lowered, so he would have to
download up to 80 percent of components from previous models Deficit –
the Tudor, and even the People who were doing his / her; war. Innovative collaboration
She did not change dad.

Spartak is completed

The team of photographers, by Frantisek Pribyl, and the area is led
Josef Velebny's vehicle got the chance to finish its origins
aspirations until their first update. Octavia was from today's perspective
just develop spartacus. Well, quite wide. It was the fundamental change; there
to use a much more recent trapezozo dressing suit
fountains and telescopic burning. The basic concept with the engine in front,
rear wheel drive and screen with a middle tube did not change. just
such as half an acrylic back hanging. At a prototype level
although they tried the fountains even in the back, but this solution was not over.

Octavia himself started in 1969 to ...

Octavia himself started in 1969 at
Geneva Motor Show.
Author: Škoda-Auto

The additive devices added were high demands
from an external supplier, so the development of new produce would be overdue. Octavia
and so she had to do it with a cross-sectional piece. After a new one, however
creating deeper and shorter pages to achieve a positive impact
complete carriageway. The 4-cylinder removal would also change
with aluminum block, tight iron and OHV. It's been better
such as construction or rod. From the number of 1,089 ccm he spent
output 29.4 kW. The 4-fast gear garden was attached to the back wheels
Cardan is held in main pipe. Only 920 p.m. arrived at Octavia
Maximum speed 110 km / h.

It was the Octavia base that was still Spartak. She got ...

It was the Octavia base that was still Spartak.
But he got a newer trapezoidal backpack with face wheels
damage ruins and telescopic burning. The springs should also appear
at the back, but there were finally leaf pens.
Author: Škoda-Auto

Although the original 440 Spartaka came to Octavia, whose name was
Imagine that the eighth model comes from the move to the concept by an independent man
hanging (from 1933), Spartaka 445 has been Octavia Super. She was
engine by entering more than 1 221 cc and a power of 33 kW. Top speed
climbing in this case at 120 km / h. But he is an Octavia Super
the service asked for more fuel. After a hundred kilometers, they died out of the tank
equal eight, three larger runners. The main scene of the world was held annually
1959 at the Geneva Motor Show. Thereafter, the showers would even be a & # 39; travel
United States. Revision doorway room, length 4,065, long 1600 and high
It was similar to 1 430 mm.

Just for confirmation

Simple front mask design is developed with one flat
bar. "Fusions" have overdone it. They came to the songs
Octavia writings. The interior was also designed by a more detailed agenda.
She did not let her bed out of her & # 39; instrumental panel. A wheelchair has been recovered again
control the horn around his visit. Production began at Mlada Boleslav
gradually alongside old 440/445 models. There were even "keywords"
with new body work but old chassis construction. Although communist
A method that encourages the atmosphere is that Octavia is a car for the majority, well
not. Octavia stood at 28,000 CZK in Czechoslovakia in 1959,
about 550 more than the original Spartak. At average salary of it
1 200 Kčs it was a really good toy. In addition, not for everyone.

Under the hawk there were 4-sensible OHVs with a measure of 1.1 ...

Under the hook there was an OHV 4-cylinder
measuring 1.1 and 1.2 liters. The output was 29.4 kW. She works
4-fast handheld handle.
Author: Škoda-Auto

You bought repositories issued by the county council
Communist Party. It was a requirement that a deer image was clean. Even you are at
Octavia was a dream waiting for about two years. It was free
around 10,000 more expensive crowns. And that is a bit. In the autumn
In 1959 he welcomed the offer of Sport Octavia Touring. It was smaller than the engines,
with a measure of 1,090 cc, but two coal. Performance has risen
36.8 kW, which increased maximum speed to 128 km / h. rounded
You know the sport with a mask without a middle bell. They were new
face seats. There was still a gap attached to other versions.

Under the hawk there were 4-sensible OHVs with a measure of 1.1 ...

Under the hook there was an OHV 4-cylinder
measuring 1.1 and 1.2 liters. The output was 29.4 kW. She works
4-fast handheld handle.
Author: Škoda-Auto

The Sport Touring Octavia was created for the FIA ​​class needs
in a group of unmanaged travel cars. And she took the sports field
attainment was good. The hector is the example of the Monte Carlo Rally in years
1961 to 1963. Octaviu TS acquired customers in the open market so far
42,000 crowns. He did not lose the cabriolet either. He changed the name from Škoda 450 to
Congratulations In fact, it was an attractive export article; , good resources
The money for a socialist system, so that's not the way to get a & # 39; home market
Easy. Felicia has embraced the innovative technical features. Produced
Since February 1959 he has been in Kvasiny.

Finally, the car

In 1961, a Praktik vehicle finally arrived. This version was completed
for two years now. The dimensions are exterior compared to the two doors
"Tudorom" was not changed, which was also true for the level of the wheel with its value
2 390 mm, but the tail gate can be removed from 690 and after tilting
the back will be & # 39; up to 1,050 liters. The place of valuation was different
interior buildings from 965 to 1500 mm. He carried his case flat
division of two pieces. It also helped increase the capacity of staff from 350 to 400 kg.
However, Praktik was even more expensive than the Sport Tour. he stood
43,000 crowns.

In 1961, finally, ...

He finally arrived in 1961
Logo Fon cuach that was divided above, hid it
a capacity of 690 liters. Increase capacity increased from 350 to 400 kg.


The first major update came with the & # 39; carriage. He was already
backdated wings on cookies. Since 1961 he has been for everyone
Octavia. The engine got a higher yield of 30.9 kW, and thanked the increase
co-evaluation. The Octavia Sport was up to 34.6 kW. The exterior has also improved
a new mask or a tank that fills under the tree. Quiet wheel
The chair behind the seats "moved" under his head. Throw out
unlocked. As an incentive, she benefited from the renewal of the year
1962 Sport Octavia tours. He got a larger 1.2-liter engine.
Together with a pair of carbings, this amounted to 40.4 kW and the highest
130 km / h.

Sport Sport Octavia with engine with two ...

Sport Octavia Touring with engine
A two-car battery was created for sports permit purposes
Author: Škoda-Auto

In December, there was a change in sales. The communist system
Shopping doubles are closed. This means the original boot clips for fans
a system became a thing that was in the past. So Octavia has risen from 29,500 to date
38 000 and Combi to 43,000 crowns. The retouches were going to be reused by Octavia
he graduated in 1963. The design was further developed with a new square mask
pattern and back plastic hand for throwing her & # 39; wool. There is usually slight growth
white-red light on center columns in the normal contour,
road lights and parking. Determine the menu to be scattered
in the front window with a black ruin. There is no big change inside
Seating individual seats were delivered as a standard.

Success in the west

It was already in Mlada Boleslav that was the outbuilding. They were running
Fever work on the development of a new 1000 MB Skoda with the back engine
and the construction of completely new production houses. The last Octavia with two doors
so the group dropped out of the lines on 11 April 1964. Kombi Praktik, however
Continuing. And to December 1971, that is, seven incredible
years longer. It was a logical decision; there. When the estate was based on Deception
The new concept of 1000 did not result. Pressure (Millibars)
to complete a number of reviews. Already in 1965, aluminum was added
decorative strips, green handbag, polurethane roof and radiation bottle
move from floor to floor.

The new convert was replaced by Octaviu 450 in 1959 ...

Octaviu was built in 1959
a new version with today's famous Felicia. He took over from Octavia
every tool. Aside as a loop, a hard bolt was also available.


Octavia belt and new weapons have been borrowed on the practical Octavia
from the new mile. As a result, its price rises to CZK 44,500. Ann
In 1967, a new mask came with flat ribs and a similar mask
with new rules and three points seat belts. most
Cocktail is the chance to & # 39; create an indoor bed.
Seat arrangements have been modified by changing the accommodation and obstacles
not just on but also back. It's amazing, but Octavia Combi
Škoda 100 lasted since 1969. She went to the final with her
back lights, but also with machine and wheelchairs from Dìth
1000 megabytes

The Octavia has also competed. In a group ...

The Octavia has also competed.
In the FIA ​​group of unchanged mobile cars there is an etric on Monte Rally
Carlo from 1961 to 1963.
Author: Škoda-Auto

Although Octavia was not just a modern Spartak, he was finally in size
spread over it. Between 1959 and 1971, 365,379 pieces were created.
The two-door version was 229,531, Octavia Super 79,489,
estate of 54 086 and 2 273 units for Sport Tours. Many of them
finished in the West where Octavia was doing well. Improved trade on equipments
Translations to West Germany and Austria were called Popular and to
A Belgium as Spartia. These industrial names have been used in the past,
Spartaky exports. To do this, two set seats were combined with sheet windows,
which moved to Lochlann.

Rarity is the Trek "crossover", which came from 1965 to 1971
in New Zealand. The foundation of the Octavia cassis is shorter. design
Landmever reminded him. The journey took up to eight passengers. can
have both canvas and hard ceiling. Even pickap versions were also made
beach bugin. A number of pieces have ended in Vietnam, Australia or beyond
Fiji. And there was also a stumbling block in Czechoslovakia. In the factory
There is a lack of using "Drak" enhanced pickaxes for delivering content. on & # 39;
In 1971 Octavia took off in the past, except in time. This is the name
the Czech carmaker was erased in 1996 when he introduced his first model to the world
which was built after going to the Volkswagen Group. She did well. Of the three
The Octavia generation today created 6.1 million copies.
But that's a whole other story.

Škoda Octavia - 60

Škoda Octavia - 60

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