Sky & Man is not getting a bigger expansion


Her lover showed that the trailer was there.

After the photo style when Sky No Man was released, the authors have been working for a number of years to give players more reasons to live or return to play. In addition to the Xbox version of the game, the extension of the NEXT extension was added to its & # 39; a match player and a better range of things and the extension of The Abyss, which focused on enterprise and waste content.

But this latest extension is not. It's a trailer that was mistaken for the world before being asked in the Hello Games studio. The name of the new extension should be Sky Sky is not: Visions. What will they bring in?

  • The development of color pallets on individual planets
  • Five-year-olds multiply bias on planets that ensure that the planets are variable, full of life and color
  • Water and other improvements to the air and to the air
  • You can burn fire tricks
  • Genuine materials are added to individual planets
  • You can get rid of a "crash site" that was politely created
  • Rubbish and outdoor technology can be saved and sold
  • Archaeologists can find new life forms
  • The performance players will be fulfilled by the community players after the new one
  • Storms create new materials
  • New basic materials
  • New emotes

So far, we do not know when we see this extension, but because The Abyss has just been released, we can wait a while.

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