Sky No Man Developer Hello announces the next game, The Last Campfire


Yes Sky Sky is not Continuing to & # 39; Growing in exciting new directions, the developer Hello Games announces the next project, and it's quite different. Cited Icon for Last, the game is beautiful, and much smaller compared to the sprawling Sky Sky is notNext "We are Hello Cut Games," says Sean Murray at Hello. "As Pixar's bricks, it's a way of encouraging creativity and new voices in the studio."

We have a lot of familiarity with our game, but this is how the studio tells about:

Icon for Last his adventure, a story about Ember that was preserved in a wild place, looking for sense and way home. Together, you will find a beautiful growth with lost people, weird creatures, and ruins of mystery.

Icon for Last

No date is published for its game, and we do not know what platforms are there. (That said, Icon for Last He has a Steam page). And although Hello is famous for working Sky Sky is not, the developer is not more similar to smaller experiences, especially the arcade style action sequence Joe DangerThe Deputy "I'm so proud that two of our team have been able to make something so funny, but also fun and amazing," said Murray. "It's remembered why I want to work at Hello Games."

Icon for Last which was announced at The Game Awards, which is appropriate: Sky Sky is not first appeared at the start of the show, the Spike & VGX Awards, a way back in 2013.

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