Slack closes into the enemy


Previous programs such as Onedrive and Azure Active Directory had been previously available in Slack, but this week there will be a couple of times or more integrating news with the 365 Office. He is writing the news sites The Verge.

The deeper integration includes Outlook's new app for calendar and email activities, an updated Onedrive app, and an action to browse direct Office files in Slack.

The new Outlook calendar application for Slack is designed to include calendar meetings and invitations in the messaging service. Among other things, you should be able to get details of meetings of a meeting coming.
It should also be possible that the link be linked to the Slack status, and that this should be automatic.

In addition, email activities have been introduced, and one should be incorporated directly into Slack channels. Prior to this, a third party solution was required for this.

The Onedrive app will also be updated to allow users to quickly import files from the Microsoft cloud storage service to the same as with Dropbox and Google Drive applications.

In addition, Office files such as Powerpoint, Word and Excel should be previewed if users do not have to open them.

Piquant is the worst player in Slack in the collaboration of another feature of Office 365, like Teams. But it is certainly true for those who use the two services that they are connecting the place fighting each other.

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