Slalom Hirscher in Leibhi and the influence of 59, Hadalin 18.


The best Alpine skipper for the last seven seasons Marcel Hirscher He started the new season when he finished winning the last. Austria was quicker in both slalom services in Finland Levi. The stone was restored by Norway Henrik Kristoffersen, but that would have to do the second place with the reusant of nine hundred. Slovenec Štefan Hadalin He won the 18th place.

For the first time, b & # 39; He was seven hundred different from the slalomists, and she gave an interesting fight to the reindeer. He had a third victory in Lebhi, and also won in 2013 and 2016, and the third deer was won in Laponsk by Hirscher, who gave a 17th place after returning to the caravan after damaging the ankle in the Levi last year.

Kristoffersen gave a case from Sweden in his & her; final with a benefit of 1.32 seconds Andrea Myhrer, which was not enough enough to win. Hirscher was faster and he stated that he would not be too much in the fight for the sixth slalom world. This is the 28th Hirscher World Cup slalom. They have only more Alberto Tomba (35) and Ingemar Stenmark (40), who is the only one among the men to win other benefits (86). Hirscher has 59 in total.

At the start of the first men's slalom and the men's season opening season, after the big slalom in Sölden fell due to bad weather, two Slovenians came Žan Kranjec and Štefan Hadalin.

Finally, Štefan Hadalin came to Levi to mark a score. PHOTO: Tomi Lombar / Delo

Hadalin had a better starting point, which started the first game of the season as the 39th at the beginning. He did not lose his starting point on a snowy surface, which was sufficiently preserved for the attack. When they reached the target, the support of 1.39 seconds was sufficient for the 20th time of the first run.

In the final, he did not scare the challenge. He started a cautious journey to the border when he reached the fourth time for the Swiss then Loicom Meillard, for losing 28 hundred percent of a second. Vrhničan was among the winners at the Lebhi points for the first time in the 18th place. Its delay at 2.39 seconds.

Žan Kranjec, the winner of the biggest slalom of Slùnais, is trying to add this slalom to this successful event, which started with 82 and almost ran into the run around finally. Mail & # 39; His first run 34th, with 2.29 seconds behind Hirscher. For a final, he had 28 points behind the second.

"Eighteenth-place Stefan is good, he has never started on such a season yet. It's very good about training, but the game is cautiously something else. Today, with some of the best trips I, hopefully, have shown that it is even higher than the 18th place. I am pleased with the overall progress made by Štefan during the time of preparation. A skiing method, its consistency …, our own work is to get this as soon as possible; as possible, "the Soviet chief executive was satisfied Klemen BergantSouth Westerly

He told Kranjc: "Jane only had two training sessions from Sölden because he had little health problems. He was here with the reason to communicate with the team and the snow. At the end, Despite the high number he ran out of very little. It disappeared well. It's a big slalom in the house; His subject, but today, although he was not in a second run, he is worthy of his advanced degree. "

The Sleeve is full of dragging on slalom in Lebhi Tina Maze, who for four years ago she has won a reindeer in Santa Claus called Viktor. From 9th to 12th place in 2008, Levi's highest level was Mitja Valenčič there Mitja DragšičSouth Westerly

The caravan will now transit its & # 39; Chuan Siar, where the early issues of people start at Lake Louis, with a female slalom and a large slalom in Killington.

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