Slasg Wrocław – Aalborg BK 2: 2. Slasn built in the first forty


Wrocław Slasg with Aalborg BK against a Turkish Belek training camp. Decided by the Vitezslav Lavicki coach, this meeting was played without participation from third party viewers and was not broadcast on YouTube, as it was until now.

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Sparking on Tuesday with Aalborg BK began at 10 Polish times. The "Wojskowych" champion is a four-time warrior at the Danish subdivision. The Friis Jacob team is currently sending a & # 39; fifth place in the highest league of the country, and so bet it was interesting.

The people of Wrocław are first one to reach her grid. In 27 minutes Mateusz Radecki used a soundtrack from Lubambo Musonda and opened the result of the meeting. For the next aims we had to wait for the second half of the half.

In 72 minutes, the Dutch stripper, Aalborg Tom Van Weert, who used a penalty penalty, was convicted by Wojciech Golla for a ditch, compensated. Silesie's Jakub Słowik, who was in the position of Silesia, was aware of how the shooter was expecting, but he hit his strength so sure he did not; can reach the ball.

The Danish fans were beaten and seven minutes later they were already in command 2: 1. With a quick anti-attack on the left, van Weert finished in the penalty area, for the second time in list of hunters. The end of the & # 39; game, for three minutes later Farshad Ahmadzadeh made the score 2: 2 straight away from the free war.

For Silesia, this is the last time at the Belek camp. Lavicki team will return to Wroclaw on Saturday.

Slasg Wrocław – Aalborg BK 2: 2 (1: 0)
Radecki 27, Farshad 82- van Weert 72-k., 79.

Silesia: Słowik – Broź, Celeban, Golla, Cholewiak – Musonda (70. Farshad), Łabojko (59. Tarasovs), Radecki, Mączyński (82. Pałaszewski), Pich (55. Gąska) – Piech (68. Szczepan).
AaB: Made (77. Bundgaard) – Kristensen, Pedersen, Blåbjerg, Ochs – Kusk, Würtz, Christensen (57. Klitten), Thellufsen – Andersen, van Weert.

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