"Sleep without dream"


mythical animals delivering the reader to "disappointment of emotions" as directed by the writer Stefan Zweig. So the worst is thus to look at the interest that is going on. appears in the Amazon, where Christiane Vadnais is Putting his first novel, giving expression that it is definitive.

In the way of a painter painter, the former editorImpact Habitat glauchan geoscopy with good information. It will build the series of pictures that are displayed; comprise the range of 130 pages published by Alto.

The boundaries between the environment and the people are spread – locked up, it would expand. The author makes great use of the aquatic words. So, to speak, the future world in which the characters are; Growth – small is marked, because not the most in the novel – it is acidic, wet. The ground has become a huge, welcoming and welcoming ground. supporting strange minor organisms. The latter will eventually choose homes in the people's cultural system, and # 39; removing additional separation between them and their environment.

Return to the wild

Awareness of nature, premature fear and animal reptiles are rising again, such as hungry hungry that hunger will cause; thrown away from sleep. Vadnais translates his stories about the occasional ancestors: "It's probably possible to reach a stable stable, largely protected from danger, that our ancestors started to & They dreamed of a night-feeding. Dreams had been stretching in the warmth and safety of their first shelter, in a quiet hunter's rest rather than hunting.

Although our ancestors were able to access humanity, removing themselves from the stage of characters, characters mythical animals follow the other side – and invalid – process. The strength of the elements is a great deal of humanity. In the future that is not far away, it is impossible to think of such a situation.

The animals seen by Vadnais are also doubled. They do not belong to the & # 39; human beings or animals, and borrow some features from the amazing list. The stories are managed to tighten the reader: although it fails to connect to it, it is a frightening reason for the integrity of the characters.

Close voice and unique ability

The images are bind together with the globe designed by Vadnais, a dark dark frame with humanity pieces; appear to appear. This cèilidh world is overnight: the characters are back there as if they were somnambulists prisoners of "sleepless sleep", when the story does not; falling into the nightclub. It's happening that Vadnais is a n; influencing the reader's imagination, some of the images that are struggling to go to; grow and impact on transcription. Most of the time, a & # 39; affecting the work.

He does not say that the author has her own voice, and this is rising in detail through this first novel. It is recommended to & # 39; Allow the content of this book to improve expectations, atmosphere and poetry to measure their full potential. What's better than the world's global feelings mythical animals to allow them to grow faster, then revitalize the waulking product with promises that are on the tale.

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