Sleeper teacher stolen, raped by night


They tied her in, put them in her side of the car and left her.

"It was also found that those who were suspects … attacked the victim and still put it in the buses before they escaped the scene with his motor vehicle, Volkswagen Polo, "said Ngoepe.

When arrested, one of the men was found in the possession of the teacher's car keys. His car was later abandoned in the buses near Marken.

They were generally disturbed, a & # 39; burned, stealing a motor vehicle and rape, Ngoepe said.

"Their issues were deferred to 3 December 2018 for further police investigation and for a formal death claim," said Ngoepe.

They were arrested Sunday.

The education department disturbed the event.

"We have responsibility for our teachers in and around our school. Our staff should be able to travel around the streets and do things freely," said regional spokesman Sam Makondo.

Makondo also added that the teacher was withdrawn from the hospital on Sunday afternoon.

"We have organized counseling and provide the necessary support we need," he said.

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