Sleepy sleep to mothers and fighting, a girl with 1 month old and old; live?


Night to sleep on & # 39; pavement, sleeping in the middle of the Long Bien market, all Russia's acute children will be Use all small hot water to make milk for children.

The child will get a sick and lazy smile. giving children children milk in the Long Bien market.

Cadal on the spiral floor in the middle of a market

Over the last few days, the mother's information is about to sleep on her & her; pavement, and giving money to the public to buy milk for children. The girl who is sleeping on her; Russian mother's daughter platform (SN 1983, Ha Tinh), over 1 month old and unnamed.

According to our understanding, the day of Russia will be 17h30 a.m. pushing children to the Dong Xuan market area to ask for money to pass. After that, his son will take 0h Russia to Nguyen Thiep Street crossing Hang Khoai Street to sleep. The next morning, when shops were opened in the Hang Khoai street, Russia sent his son to the Long Bien market and slept there.

The Russian night usually raises a & # 39; children sleep on & # 39; pavement near Dong Xuan market.

Russia has a curing section at Middle Mother Hospital, but due to the loss of milk due to birth, milk is fed. "Everyone does not milk milk to Russia, not to be based. A child's kidney, a little less than 1 month old, is eating well, just drink milk and then she falls asleep, "a woman would often go. contact Russia.

Today at the Long Bien market, after a number of research visits, we discovered where a mother of two Russian children's mothers are; to sleep Although cold, his mother and daughter only used a little canvas on the floor to sleep. Russia was a cover; thin plaid to prevent cold from her first season, and I will not go to her; use a long hand to spend the outside.

During the day, Russia and his son are sleeping in the & # 39; Long Bien market with thin canvas spread to bed.

Where two Russian mothers sleep near her; Shuttle between the Long Bien market, despite busy people, with all the sounds but their mother is still sleeping well.

Alongside the bed is the whole property that a Russian mother has met her daily. Spong stuffed with stuff such as clothes, pillows and milk cotton. The mother and child's most valuable resource is the squirrel that was bought by a charity a few days ago.

Nga put on a thin blanket for her baby, as long as she had a & # 39; wear only a thin coat out.

People say that many children are bad but very dear to their mother

A maternal and maternal lump survived. child over 2 hours. When he woke up, he cooks to see milk lying on the floor. There is no boiling water, a mother with her grandmother's bottle beside the baby's dinner side. "Every day, when I'm hungry, ask me water for your baby," she said.

The full possession of a Russian mother, where the three are the most valuable.

One day to hold on the baby, one hand is shake her milk bottle to cool up quickly, Russian eyes look at her; look at the baby to bend. Russian children asked to eat food, Russia sent the bottle of milk into the mouth to try, then the bottle of milk into the mouth of the girl to eat.

There is no way to take action, Russia just strengthens lively feet, baby babies just want to; cooked milk and enjoying his eyes. In a few minutes, the baby is very stupid to steal a bottle of milk and he suddenly fell asleep.

Russian girls do not drink milk and sleep they do not know.

Put down the thin canvas, Russia shook on a blanket, written for the child and then put it in for a smoke. Finish rubbish rubbish rubbish when the baby dies "march" to Dong Xuan market.

During Russia's period of communication, despite many questions, Russia did not save his head but did not tell anything. A definition to us, selling it in the countryside, said Russia is always frightening and angry; warning foreigners, because before their mother and child were brought to the middle of social protection once.

Russia is preserved and a & c; Looking at his stone, but he's sure he does not talk to foreigners.

"The group of children born 10 days, Russia raised children to Bo Ho for money, was arrested at the center of protection, since then he fears to be arrested," she said.

According to the information she gave, Russia had a little habeas corpus. However, in this situation, the child is very poor. "I talk to Russia every day, but I have never heard about the exact place in Ha Tinh.

She sells water where Russia and her children often go to her; Going to bed is very understandable and sympathetic to Russia's situation.

I think the best thing is now to contact the family, and bring the child to the Russian family. Not only is my health, my future expects, "she said.

Speaking to us, Dong Xuan Ward (Ha Noi) directors have received information on the case of two mothers who, sleep on the pavement. At the same time staff will confirm the information to have the most difficult solution.

1 year old child to sleep on her & her; back without being in his chest, 7 days old did not sink

Every night, a daughter is 1 month sleeping in the corner on her; pavement, until the morning when everyone woke up, the new child will be taken away by her mother.

According to Le Phuong (Find)

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