Slòcaia failed to win: Basketball players first waged the war and the European competition finally defeated them


Fight for the ball
Fight for the ball

RUZOMBEROK – Basketball players in Slòcaca 68:82 lost their hosting in Ružomberok with Montenegro and they did not. Competition in the European Championship 2019 (June 27 – July 7, Latvia, Serbia).

Petra Kováčik's marks have won the chance to get the group after a call, which would be the case. mean some progress. The ME could still fight as one of the six best teams from other cities, but they needed the impact of Icelanders over Bosnia and Herzegovina. They did not even have a & # 39; first prize in the last game and despite the promising beginnings they lost 74:84.

Therefore, the Slovakians will not be able to join the previous five clans and the ME will be lost for their & The first time since 2007. For the Montenegrin players this is a market; participating in the ME in a series.

The Slovakian started a start in the game (11: 4), but the Čirohorkám helped at rest. After that, the game was matched and the score was gradually added. The second quarter gave a steady pace, followed by the home players a little more.

The third quarter, however, was totally on the side of the Montenegro player. The team both defended and protected, which was assisted by the weak weak team team weakness. The third game was also good in the third part, which symbolized the latter situation, when Mujovičová attempted a long distance from her own half. Surely, the guests moved to the last quarter. The Slovakian could not convert the place into the site, however, Montenegrins made an important impact without major problems.

Slócaia – Montenegro 68:82 (35:34)

collection and points SR: Bálintová 20, T. Páleníková 17, Hruščáková 10, Felixová 7, Mištinová 5 (Slamová 6, Deptová 2, Oroszová 1, Jakubcová, Stašová and Mikulášiková po 0), most of the points in Montenegro: Johnsonová 27, Matovičová, Mujovičová po 15. Rozhodovali: Machlin (Rus.), Gudas (Lit.), Földházi (An Hunger), TH: 13/12 – 12/5, Troika: 6: 7, os. Bugs: 15:15, a quarter: 15:17, 20:17, 11:27, 22:21.

Patrick Kováčik, SR coach: "It was a balanced game, just a few minutes in the third quarter. We stopped focusing on the protection, especially in the defense. We made big mistakes I'm sorry for this product. I'm sorry about it. Our team expects it and I believe that its time is still going on. coming. "

Barbora Bálintová: "We can not get 80 points aboard at home, so it's not worth winning the games, and the great deal was against them, especially in the crime." I think it's an essential article. American Johnson game.

Terézia Páleníková: "We have been challenged by our opponents in the attack concepts, and the opposition's multi-faceties have caused us to be the two main reasons for our loss."

María Felixová, pivot SR: "I'm unhappy about how it happened. We went to the meeting to win it. We knew we were and it was difficult. Unfortunately, we lost the third quarter we set before make a game. We were midwives behind the enemy, they may have all fallen from outside or from inside. It was hard to stop them in such a psycho. I'm sorry what happened. He is still injured for a while. "

Roberto Iniguez, coach of Montenegro: "I think Slovakia has a good basketball play, but at this meeting they may have been under pressure. It is then very difficult. We continued The plan, we played a lot more aware, we did not repeat the mistakes we have made before. I'm delighted and proud of my team. Slòcaia has played the ball- best basket from the whole group, but we did our job. It was final. "

Iceland – Bosnia and Herzegovina 74:84 (41:42)

Final list of agency A:

1. Montenegro 6 4 2 451: 378 10
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina 6 4 2 493: 452 10
3. SLOVAAID 6 4 2 468: 442 10
4. Island 6 0 6 354: 494 5

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