Slováci do 19 rokov jasne prekonali Taliansko


19.11.2018 16:50

Under 19's Swiss football players won 4-2 victory over Monday in a preparatory game in Italy.

A coach Alberto Rusnak's coach; last game this year.

Italy "19" – Slovakia "19" 2: 4 (1: 2)

Objectives: 34. Rauti, 86. Portanova – 5. Kmeť, 9. Strelec, 49. Mihálek, 90+. Pišoja.

Series SR 19: Ludha – Kučera (72. Suľa), Pišoja, Petro, Vojtko – Myslovič, Mader (44. Machara), Kadák (80. Bobček) – Mihálek (90. Pigeon)

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Albert Rusnák, coach SR 19: "We're pleased we can make a game against such an advanced enemy, the game features played by their game and the spectator, all played on a side-by-side basis at an early speed, and from the open-ended opening cuts, actions that we were already disturbing at an active base, we got a 3-0 score, but we did a bit of a situation in the sixty years and in the second half we continued with our game and after a quick action we rose, but the Italians attacked the audience, We worked well in the defense, although the home crew was downhill, and the referee regularly did not want to miss the shore, but we already beaten on. In the last five minutes and over We could two goals that were To add an increase, the visitor was against our players. I'm glad that the boys have found out their own skin that they can go to the # 39; hit everyone if they add to football status their will and will. "

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