Slovakia has sold state bonds for over 150 miles. iour


On Tuesday, the State Debt and Energy Unions Agency will be the option for the buyers of the purchase of bonds in the non-competitive part of the auction.

On Monday, the loan state received over $ 150 million. iour. On two bands, he sold licenses that valued 150.5 million. iour. The Group for Debt and Energy Management (ARDAL) was a & # 39; offered to repositories of the state of investment in June 2028, where he sold for 102.5 million times. patients and bonuses needed in January 2029, which accepted the 48 million demand. iour.

Follow both rockets on a Tuesday non-competitive part in which investors are able to buy more bonds due in 2028 for $ 20.5 million. and with quality in 2029 for 9.6 million. iour.

Reservoirs have a keen interest in Slovakia security

The demand for the Slovaka government bonds from the above issues in a competitive part on Monday of the rup in both cases was higher than the amount taken several times. In the first section of a & # 39; arriving in June 2028, reached 357 million. Euro has an average yield of 0.9751% p.a. Finally, ARDAL sells these bands at an average yield of 0.99390% p.a.

In the second division of banks that were causing in January 2029, the total demand for 172 million was. Euro has an average yield of 1.0606% p.a. The product reached 1.0137% p.a.

Slovakia, in the financial market was sold and sold; The sale of state bonds, except for the last November sale, was loaned 2.94 billion. iour. In addition, the state has also offered state finance bills to investors, and are expected to return again this November this year.

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