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Following the final matches of the group's 2018/2019 European Football League, the ball is a famous final basketball basketball championship for the 2020 European Championship held on 2 December in Dublin, Ireland .

The section in individual baskets has come to a conclusion on the individual results
teams in this newly created competition.

How the Schoaich finished in the first division of divisions to the end
Third, it means not only for them to go to LN "céčka" but also for those
Used in the basket at the ME2020 circuit break
So, the father gets up to two stronger papier challenges, those ones
from the 1st and 2nd baskets.

Switzerland's highest performance basket is the master's
The airports of Europe, the Netherlands, England, are the current FIFA sites
Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and

This is the only draw in a Portuguese Competition (1: 1) Tuesday
"only" moved to the 2 German German 4-hour Shipping Baskets.
Participating in the final LN June Competition (Switzerland,
Portugal, Holland and England, note) have been sure to be used
group of five members.

Of the ten certification groups (five five and five
six balls, notes) will be the best two teams ME 2020.
The remaining quartz of the Continental Games comes
four 2018/2019 League of Nations Awards,
which will take place in March 2020.

Use to performance bins before joining for progress
2020 European Football Championship:

1. basket: Switzerland, Portugal, Holland, England,
Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland

2. Basketball: Germany, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine,
Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic

3. Basket: Slócaca, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland,
Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria, Israel

4. Basketball: Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro
Ben, Cipros, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia

5. Basketball: Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus, Luxembourg,
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar, The Faro Islands

6. basket: Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta,
San Marino

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