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For now, the League of Nations is undoubtedly clear. Will it be awarded in 2020 as a type of uverture as well as certificates for its worldwide Chat in Europe (2022)? This will be debated as the main herring society, but Uefa will almost certainly continue the way of the League of Nations in four years, as a republic of the herring. qualification round for Euro 2024, which will be in Germany.

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The only one who has not lost her left. Light Heavy Extreme




However, it has not yet been confirmed whether there are the same rules as they are now. If they are involved at that time, Slovenia will be very aware that the criteria against the most striking competitors in Europe will have special opportunities for the success in EP 2024. If this is the best thing in his / her group and then at his & # 39; final competition, sure it came to a big competition!

Hello, innovative!

This year, the opportunity to participate in the Euro 2020 competition through the Cuartet Tour has won 16 winners from the teams.

At the final competitions they play:

League A: England, Holland, Portuguese, Switzerland
League B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary
League C: Finland, Norway, Serbia, Scotland
League D: Belarus, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia

After the breakdown in league league groups, it is already confirmed that at least one European team at Euro 2020, who has never played at a big competition. The winner of the final D competition is one of the areas, which includes Belarus, Georgia, Kosovo and Macedonia. In 2020 Europe will welcome the new author to the euro.

Raibeart Prosinečki, who was the last year of Slovenia, chose to bring BiH into the League of Nations among Europe.

Raibeart Prosinečki, who was the last year of Slovenia, chose to bring BiH into the League of Nations among Europe.
Picture: Reuters

This is because the list of new people who can not thank the League of Nations is still ready. In the C League play, Fionnlann participates in the national team who has never played in a big competition. The end is now two steps away from the greatest success in history. If they do not get fortunate in the normal 2020 certificates, the ticket for the forthcoming Euro can be delivered at the final competitor expected for spring 2020.

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Swords in the league A, Serbs and Scots in league B




In B League, Bosnia and Herzegovina have a stand out in this regard. She has already appeared at the SP (2014 in Brazil), but at the European Championship she is not yet, so his company Robert Prosinecki, Solana elector unhappy, into the history with Euro publishing.

Which plants appear at the next performance of the League of Nations:

League A: Bosnia and Herzegovina
League B: Croatia, Serbia
League C: Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia
League D: Slovenia

In addition, BiH is the only team that has grown up in the old Yugoslavia glasshouse, which is related to its relationship at the next performance of the League of Nations. In the league B Croatia and Serbia, in the league C Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, and the worst league D with the same Slovenia. So, the football players who wear the Triglav image are on the # 39; game is unfortunately as the national team in the department.

Beat to Japan self-image, a scheduled jump in Kosovo

The national championship team of Nations League concluded in Bulgaria.

The national championship team of Nations League concluded in Bulgaria.
Picture: Reuters

Even during the reign of the League of Nations, both countries were completely different, with only two of the most popular types of choice (Croatia in A and B in league B, with Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, and in the worst league D, Kosovo and Macedonia), and Slovenian did not do so much from League B before the League of Nations was drawn, but in the future it will be different. Slovenia is the lowest.

This will be a disappointment for the country with two million residents, despite that, in a short history of independence, in the past, compared to some of the fragile countries, he did not Counting on a proverbial football country, he took part in three major competitions and in the eyes of the campaigns earning the truth of the truth.

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The best-known shooter of Slovenia, left with a previous preliminary




This will hit the self-image of the national team with a lack of football players who serve bread in European best clubs, but in the year 2018 they are not able to do everything to show what his & hers expected; their public.

What about EP 2020?

Through the Nations League, four tickets for EP 2020 will be available. Whatever is suitable for European Championships, they will finalize the final competitions in each league (A, B, C and D) in 2020. In spring 2019, a special degree for EP 2020, in Ten groups will show, and the only teams in the best (20 in total) will provide the best participation in the euro. The photograph of certificates for EP 2020 will be held on 2 December in Dublin, and Slovenia will be a quarter of six quality drums.

In the Nations League, the Uefa test, mixed mood, was Kosovo's biggest surprise. With a snapshot of the League of Nations, 53 out of the 55 members of the European football family were at the same level as well. better. Only San Mhuirich and Gibraltar were lower. Then the Swiss is the guides of the football players Bernard Challandes(above with 4: 0 on Tuesday), the Faroe Islands and Malta, and in a powerful style, they went to C League, and allowed the League of Nations to be suitable for EP 2020 That would just be!

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The great heart of the Dutch heroes who supported the judge and helped the #video girl




The Germans burned all over the line, from the SP decision-making decisions of the English only

The German coach listener Joachim Löw rises after his / her death; Last game, when the bird disappeared with the Netherlands (2: 2).

The German coach listener Joachim Löw rises after his / her death; Last game, when the bird disappeared with the Netherlands (2: 2).
Picture: Reuters

Germany is the largest bankruptcy of the League of Nations. The plans were broken down in the summer of 2018, and later they got a bad slap in the League of Nations, where they lost the league in the Dutch and Dutch clubs, they dropped in league B , and badly missed for their goal, they would draw credits for EP 2020, which will be ranked only in the second quality group on 2 December in Dublin.

The French world warrior has been the most difficult and honorable Dutchman in command Ronaldo Koeman to return to & # 39; previous glory, He remained unharmed, and today's current sister left Croatia from the A League.

In one of the most impressive games where three national team fans (England, Croatia and Spain) have been expanding for their & # 39; Wembley won the loss in just a few minutes from the winners of the group (England made the result from 0: 1 to 2: 1) leaving the fire and measured in a & # 39; future B competition. Like Iceland and her & # 39; Poland, which followed the move of uncertain shows at SP 2018.

With an amazing wonder, the Swiss introduced plans to welcome Belgium.

With an amazing wonder, the Swiss introduced plans to welcome Belgium.
Picture: Reuters

Amongst the top performers who played this year in the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia, the only League of Nations final competition was only played by England. His Belgium did not have third place without leaving it. First of all when it's amazingly grown to & # 39; case is essential. It ran to 2: 0 against Swiss and then got so many five goals. Swiss had the highest wing wings in the League League Haris Seferovic (5 goals) on play, and red deities need to wait for a new chance.

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If Slovenia does not reach 2020 Euro, it will be a? break into the #video letter



It's the best shooter for Srb, Zajc came out among the Slovenians

Icelandic (League A), Northern Ireland (League B), Lithuania (League C) and San Martin (League D) have been winning one point in the national league.

Icelandic (League A), Northern Ireland (League B), Lithuania (League C) and San Martin (League D) have been winning one point in the national league.
Picture: Reuters

Serb Aleksandar Mitrovic was the chief guardian of the United States. (6 visits), which, compared to Seferovic, had a number of games, as Serbia did sing and welcomed the group with four players. The savage soldier was abducted; Best Miha Zajc, also the keeper at the final goal of the Benedecic company, when it was redesigned in Sofia (1: 1) on Monday.

Switzerland is the only team in addition to Lithuania, who never won C once. In six games, she put three times three times and lost three times, and reached the 38th place in the European League. Before the start of her competition, she had been the 28th degree on strength strength, Losing ten places during the league, that is the biggest fall in Europe. A & # 39; Germany was the only one who recorded the same thing, so Slovenia was at the top of the uneven scale in a star society.

Biggest leap:

+11 Kosovo
+9 Netherlands
+8 Finland
+7 BiH, Denmark

The biggest loss:

-10 Germany, Slovenia
-6 Azerbaijan, Latvia, Hungary, Romania

Ranking of the League of Nations partners before being withdrawn and after the end of teamwork:

Country Before the beginning of LN At the end of LN Change
Germany 1 11 -10
Portagail 2 2 0
Belgium 3 5 -2
Spain 4 7 -3
France 5 6 -1
England 6 4 2
Switzerland 7 1 6
Italy 8 8 0
Poland 9 10 -1
Iceland 10 12 -2
Croatia 11 9 2
Netherlands 12 3 9
Austria 13 18 -5
Wales 14 19 -5
Russia 15 17 -2
Slovakia 16 21 -5
Sweden 17 16 1
Ukraine 18 14 4
Ireland 19 23 -4
Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 13 7
Northern Ireland 21 24 -3
Denmark 22 15 7
Czech Republic 23 20 3
Turkey 24 22 2
Hungary 25 31 -6
Romania 26 32 -6
Scotland 27 25 2
Slovenia 28 38 -10
In Greece 29 33 -4
Serbia 30 27 3
Albania 31 34 -3
Norway 32 26 6
Montenegro 33 35 -2
Israel 34 30 4
Bulgaria 35 29 6
Finland 36 28 8
Cyprus 37 36 1
Estonia 38 37 1
Lithuania 39 39 0
Azerbaijan 40 46 -6
Macedonia 41 41 0
Belarus 42 43 -1
Georgia 43 40 3
Armenia 44 45 -1
Latvia 45 51 -6
Faroe Islands 46 50 -4
Luxembourg 47 44 3
Kazakhstan 48 47 1
Moldova 49 48 1
Liechtenstein 50 52 -2
Malta 51 54 -3
Andorra 52 53 -1
Kosovo 53 42 11
San Marino 54 55 -1
Gibraltar 55 49 6

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