Slovakia still declines compulsory installments


The situation of Slovakia on the mandatory limit equipment remains unchanged. Slovakia is denied to & # 39; Determination of the number of migrants that can be taken.

At the time of the meeting with the Austrian Presidency representation of the Council of the European Union, led by the full policy for the Dublin Management, Andrä Rupprechter, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs (MZVaEZ), the secretary of the department František Ružička introduced it.

In this regard, Ruzicka's partner explained that he was willing to be in Slovakia for being a constructive and coherent partner in the talks. "Slòcaia is ready to continue to provide loyalty in different formats, either by contributing experts to European Union (EU) organizations, where our experts are able to; help, for example, to provide faster asylum facilities or to share accommodation facilities for other Member States, which will greatly affect those candidates. We are aware of the importance of countries with the borders of the Mediterranean and how difficult it is to reach thousands of kilometers of. coastline, "he explained.

Both partners agree that the new system should be based on a responsible approach, voluntary and complex principles, with its funding linked to the ongoing discussions on the European Multiannual Financial Framework. For the side of Slock, the Ministry of Immigration Ministry within the Republic of Slovakia also participated in the talks.

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