A new Chinese owner has a chain: The club will know from the Premier League, the new contract of Stoch

On a game between Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Sinobo Stadium came to Eden Arena. The change spelavati SK Slavia Praha by recording collaboration with new Chinese owners – a & # 39; Most of the Sinobo group and a minority language Citic Group.

Representatives from the two companies at the Slavia stadium met on the game of the Czech Republic with Slovakia. "When today's two shareholders visited, Mr Zhang from the CITIC and Mr Zhou Group of the Sinobo Group, Slaviu in April, promised the fastest steps to take over and continue to participate in the development of his club, "he introduced his new companions Chairman of the Board of Directors Slavie Jaroslav Tvrdík. "The entry of two new shareholders, one in the name of the playground and the other in a jet, which means the future in particular."

Sinobo Group, Chairman of Zhou Jinhui, has been a Beijing Sinobo Guoan Super League Beijing for two years. In 2009, the club won the league title in the country. "Mr President Zhou gets an experienced manager and businessman as well as a football expert and a football fan. Football is lamenting and delivering much of the The Guoan Beijing Club, which was the first part of a partner and today's sister, is a great guy who runs the club under the League League, Asian Asia. Sinobo has a great deal with Beijing club. Specialist League Champions are working for them. We're happy to be able to share knowledge, "he continued.

Jaroslav Tvrdík (SK Slavia Prague), Zhou Jinhui (Sinobo Group)

Tvrdik also said that the ambition for the Welsh League to play both Asian Asian clubs, the Scottish Cup Championship. "Mr Zhou's chairman has very challenging actions. I have talked about it before. We have a duty to win a home competition and do everything for the Premier League team -Expan. We want to build a strong, Middle European club, "he outlined plans that will be shown in the cadre of the players. Despite this, they met at the playground just in the & # 39; Czech game against Slovakia, where Tomáš Souček and Miroslav Stoch joined. At the same time they named Petr Ševčík from Liberec's new support.

According to the chairman of their club board, Slavie had some clubs for souček, but the player will be at least until the end of the season. The importance of Slobhacia's representative was protected by the new, enhanced contract. "Miroslav Stoch is one of the most successful servers of the Czech league, a great person Slavie. I am pleased to say that we will name the extension of the contract for three years tomorrow. fighting for a competition title, and I hope he is also a champion of the European League and other performances in the cups, "said Tvrdík.

Zhou Jinhui (Sinobo Group)

"It's not just a sporting sport in football. It's a common culture that connects the whole world. It's all" language " -a general that is easily understood across people and divisions, "said Slavie deputy and Chairman of Sinobo, chairman of Zhou Jinhui. In some parts he even sent Franz Kafka. "If you had a chance to visit Beijing, you would notice that our two main cities, Beijing and Prague, are very similar. They have amazing historical buildings, a rich local culture and cosmopolitan towns. , it is not surprising that Guoan Peking's football club is a popular member of the Sinobo group with the Prague club. "

"The corporate culture of SINOBO is driven by its main logo:" Where is the successful devolution too. "The four key values ​​of business are loyalty, commitment, confidence and teamwork. I also see these values ​​in SK Slavia Praha and among its supporters," Zhou continued. "It is a great honor to me that the Slavie home stadium is designated as a SINOBO Group. I strongly believe that participating in our company will be a key stakeholder beneficial to both sides and out of the football field and that it focuses on friendship and understanding between our main settlements, between Prague and Beijing, "he concluded.

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