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AIR-LOADNE: World Cup – 2nd round of Slalom by Petra Vlha in Maribor

today 12:45

Slovenská skierka Petra Vlhová was behind the slalom for Mikael Shiffrin in his first visit. Follow online on Sports.com!

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02/02/2019|13:00|Alpine skiing|Slalom nam Ban, 2nd Round, Maribor

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Maren Skjøld and her frightening in the middle of the road. Norway is third, although Maren's best product is in season.


Worst than Aline Danioth. Swiss is much worse than its first visit, up to nine posts, as it is today entitled.


Canadian Laurence St. also disappointed. Germain. The skirt over the sixth jump to the sixth place with a gap of almost seventy.

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Emelie Wikström is making a big mistake already at the opening, with a target of seven. The Spaniards are very sad, in their home country competition about the world competition that is not as good.


There is another change at the destination, I'm sorry to listen to the audience. continued leadership of the Hrovatova Meta! Slovene is the first place with Huber, as both attackers have both times.


Gradually Katharina Huber expanded Austria, the first target is 1: 45,36. The second racer has lost her 37 stops.


Numbers were set up a bit of disappointment, France to his forty-fourth mankie 37 hundred seconds.


Paula Moltzano from the US, the third man, is American, who looks forward to his / her; point. At the top of the slalom it was knocked down with its helmet, its glasses were in full shape.


After eight minutes, our director changes. In the end, Charlotte Säfvenberg of Sweden, did not finish the second tour, but at his The beginning was a good guide to Mairov. The first seventeen hundred percent of Severanka.


There were not even other Italians. Irene Curtoni up to seven, Cap has at least three packages compared to the first round.


I'm not sure if the route is getting worse, or just the riders do not deserve Mairov. Roni Remme from Canada comes to an end in the second place with almost half.


One of the two homeowners can not turn home. The Ana Bucikova of Slovenia is the fourth at a distance of 59 hundred.


There was more waiting for an Italian rider. Lara Della Mea leaps me across the slalom, Della Mea is a market. Even for Češka Kope.


Magdalena Fjällström was the second Suain in the second round. This is the second place with a mankie of 53 centimeters of a second.


The best trip to the second round was given by Chiara Maira. Rakúšanka first with 1: 45,85.


A mistake in the middle of the road was given by Ylva Staalnacke in Sweden. Severanka decided to do so when she lost the castle 1.38 seconds and is the last one.


French Josephine Fornier is better than the Checkered, Forna is leading sixteen.


Gabriela Capová from the Czech Republic aims to reach its goal and get points. It will buy at a converted target target of each loop 1: 46.59.


The second round of women's slalom in Maribor, Slovenia, has just started.

1st Round Ranking:

1. Mikaela Shiffrin (SA) 50.05

2. Petra Vlhová (SVK) +1.00
3. Anna Swenn-Larsson (SWE) +1.09

4. Frida Hansdotter (SWE) +1.57
5. Katharina Liensberger (AUT) +1.79
6. Wendy Holdener (SUI) +1.90
7. Kristin Lysdahl (NOR) +1.98
8. Christina Geiger (GER) +2,23
9. Bernadette Schild (AUT) +2.25
10. Chiara Costazz (ITA) +2.47
11. Katharina Truppe (AUT) +2.75
12. Mine Fürst Holtmann (NOR) +3,16
13. Maren Skjøldová (NOR) +3.22
14. Aline Danioth (SUI) +3.24
14. Laurence St. Germain (CAN) +3.24
16. Emelie Wikström (SWE) +3.36
17. Target Hratova (SLO) +3.38
18. Katharina Huber (AUT) +3.52
19. Nastasia Noens (FRA) +3.59
20. Paula Moltzanova (SA) +3, 80
21. Charlotta Säfvenberg (SWE) +3.87
22. Irene Curtoni (ITA) +3.89
23. Roni Remme (CAN) +3.97
24. Ana Bucikova (SLO) +4.37
25. Lara Della Mea (ITA) +4.43
26. Magdalena Fjällström (SWE) +4.44
27. Chiara Mairo (AUT) +4.58
28. Ylva Staalnacke (SWE) +4.62
29. Josephine Forni (FRA) +4.73
30. Gabriela Capová (CZE) +4.79
31. Michaela Dygruberová (AUT) +4.87
31. Mireia Gutierrez (AND) +4.87
33. Maruša Ferková (SLO) +4.96

37. Martina Dubovská (CZE) +5.10

Mikaela Shiffrin's first lead in a & # 39; First round, America won a second equal to Petra Vlha. In the second round, Slovakia will fight his fight, Shiffrin has nothing to do with him. Behind Petry, Swenn-Larsson of Sweden breathes a distance of nine hundred.

You can also enjoy Czech fans. With the start of 43, Gabriela Capa took a thirty bar bar. Congratulate and keep your pages next time.

His first round did not complete one eleven athlete, Erin Mielzynská Canada is the number he has been; highest tallest – thirteen. There were also abusers with numbers 41 and over.

Slalom runs (after 8 out of 12 races):

1. Mikaela Shiffrin (SA) 760 points

2. Petra Vlhová (SVK) 680
3. Wendy Holdener (SUI) 425

4. Frida Hansdotter (SWE) 298
5. Katharina Liensberger (AUT) 285
6. Anna Swenn-Larsson (SWE) 256
7. Katharina Truppe (AUT) 226
8. Erin Mielzyn (CAN) 185
9. Irene Curtoni (ITA) 171
10. Bernadette Schild (AUT) 167

SP in alpine skiing (after 25 out of 37 genes):

1. Mikaela Shiffrinova (SA) 1,594 points

2. Petra Vlhová (SVK) 998
3. Wendy Holdener (SUI) 687

4. Nicole Schmidhofer (AUT) 617
5. Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR) 589
6. Viktoria Rebensburg (GER) 509
7. Ilka Štuhecová (SLO) 507
8. Federica Brignone (ITA) 500
9. Frida Hansdotter (SWE) 447
10. Michelle Gisin (SUI) 442

Spectators, welcome to move live text from the Alpine World Cup. Petra Vlhová confirmed the form when he finished his / her first place with American Shiffrin in a "version" yesterday.

The second tour is scheduled at 13:00.

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