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When the first Zombs met very well in the world two years ago, the listeners were enthusiastic and I too. Back to the world was the most funny and funny witch witch. We met new characters and magic animals that we did not see before. They continue in a completely non-traditional way and the new age of the world will be a beginner's adult startup.

At the end of the Greatest Games, we got the chance to recognize grindelwald, even for a short minute. It was sequentially extracting this fierce pleasure and reasonably; I can say that I also killed me in black. This is a negative number, but not a normal anti-heroist who wants to destroy the world. Compared to Voldemort, Harry Potter has more charisma and, as Thanos of the Avengers, you can still understand his understanding. Although it is Ianny Depp He has been very hard in the last few years as an actor, this job was really done for him and he liked him with all his experiences. The final of the film, as well as that, is the best performance in recent years.

But what's going on in the order? Grindelwald gets out of her & # 39; successfully imprisoned and sent the guards to her side. He does not like magic ministry and begins to start; hunting. In the entire war, a beast of Father Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), who postsees Dumbledore to kill Grindelwald. In addition, many other characters appear in the movie as part of everything, but at the end they have little opportunity to express their own opportunities.

The main problem in the script itself, which she wrote again J K Rowling. Throughout the film, he was looking for pleasure not only for fans, but also for the new adult audience. The movie has a more up-to-date idea and is not so appealing to the original series. Rowling has more than 15 characters in the movie, but it is important that, Most of them are on the screen with very little time. But they keep magic animals, which are beautiful and they have the reason, but they do it; take time without use. This is not really helpful with the fact that some of the sights we can see in the shows in the films are not. If the Zombies were a Fantastic book series such as Harry Potter, the script was not a good and accurate script. However, Rowling needs to write the march and just build a new witch world for the movie and not for a book where she can write a lot.

Very Zombies: Crindelwald Crimes © 2018 Warner Bros.

The movie is very surprising, but it does not seem like it; Most but with hard fans. In addition to the famous character of Grindelwald, the Albus Dumbledore is young; featured in the film. It is appealing Jude Law It's definitely amazing and no person likes this character.

There are lots of things in the movie working as an attempt to worry the games. We'll get to Hogwarts where we can see a young McGonagal. The film also features the famous alchemist Nikolas Flamel, and you will also find the Nagini snake background, which belonged to Voldemort. Is it like you? You are not alone. Even as an original movie server, it was sometimes difficult to find out. In the end, the story responds well, but there are still many outstanding questions.

Rowling Even after years, he still shows that he needs to build new world and interesting characters. But everything she needs herself is an experienced screenwriter who would know her ideas in a hard and hard condition. Each film knew from the original series so that they could live as a separate unit without the need for the next one. In an event Meat is very good I can not wait to continue. But not because I'd go to; look forward to another piece of work but because we have more questions than the answers. And I'm very aware of these answers.

Rowling succeeds in stopping and stopping her. connect Zver and Potter to a logic unit, it will be the best success.

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