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Paulina Fialk
Paulina Fialk

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – Notwithstanding Paulina and Ivona Fialková still have a refused to sign a contract on representations according to the proposals of the Biathlon Slovaci Federation (SZB), the union on registration is scheduled in advance on the 1st World Cup in Pokljuke, Slovenia (2-9 December 2018) .

And despite that her & # 39; The disciplinary body on Friday dropped Fialkovy's start in competitions linked to the Slòcaia production. There has been more than a start talking about the representation of another country, but Paulina Fialk took a clear place.

"I would like to thank you all in these sad times for the many statements and confidence that you show me, and I thank you A great deal of support from my employer, Dukly Banská Bystrica and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Gajdoš, who is always on the side of a Snapshot athletes. Biathlon fans are going to represent another country, I just want to saying: Although I condemn the right to represent my country, I'm not sure I've included what I learned, " She wrote on the social network.

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