Amazon sold 700 million to an electromobile specialist

Status continues to maintain the status of an independent company.

By the end of the week, a Rivian car maker received a 700 million US dollar investment. As stated by Arstechnica, Amazon technology technology is behind this financial injection.

Rivian is especially known for making large pieces of electricity. For this reason, it is often seen as a Tesla rival. At present, the company has introduced a pair of SUVs R1T and R1S, but sales should only be used in 2020.

The manufacturer also decided to use the cameras built for purpose but an independent trip.

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It is alleged that Amazon representatives have been inspired by the Rivian vision for future electricity transport. At the same time, they have confidence in their product ports and their; look at the structure of the organization.

"This investment is a huge milestone for the Rivian as well as the overall move to move mobility," executive director RJ Scaringe explained. However, an independent company still retains the status of electricity carriages.

Public information has not been published, but it is also expected to invest other investments in the future.

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