Andrey Danko's second attempt will be re-appealed and the challenger has enough signature

The challenge raised up enough names to stimulate an extraordinary parliamentary meeting with one point – to move disagreement to Andrei Danko, Parliament Speaker. Speaker of the Parliament Danko suspects his & her; His work hard on spelling.

On Thursday afternoon, Danko spoke before the media and said that his party would have a " Supporting the opening of the meeting, and would also like from partner partners. The biggest party again said that he was hanging out of his & # 39; the agenda. "I want to say publicly that the CIS will support the opening of a meeting, which the opponents offer as a recommendation for my application, and I want to share my opinion, partner partners too, and I want to get my courage or be accused of being the chairman of the parliament and its partner " Danko said Thursday, with no confidence in the partnership.

The challenger has already tried to pull the challenge back, but the partnership did not support the meeting program, which has not even happened. Now, Danko wants to have a meeting, and he has rebuilt again. She see that that trust is also shaken in her; partnership, but without being able to work. SaS sees Dank's words as a Most-Hid's dangerous partnership partner, asking the National Council President to take a personal decision.

Look at the statement by Andrey Danko.


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