Apple stole Tesla's electric head. Is the electronic car developing?

Another Tesla main worker came to be in "tentacles" from Apple. The terminus of the electric power train development seems to confirm that Apple is working on the electric car.

The Apple technology giant has discovered a dozen senior workers from various clients around five years ago. They were supposed to work on a special project called Titan. It's his; His main job was to develop an independent car "Apple car".

After that, news seemed to show that the project was no longer in existence. Apple is only focusing on developing autonomous driving for vehicles. German Door The magazine's manager But, about a month ago, he said, according to his sources, that he is familiar with development, Apple is working on an electrical appliances vehicle. In this context, words like minus, van or van are mentioned. Another interest is that Apple is also committed to the development of batteries, electric motors, special seating and the interior parts.

Dougfield's results last year suggested that the Apple car project could survive. Until then, he worked for Tesla as the chief engineer, responsible for manufacturing major produce, a Tesla Model 3 electric car.

Another talent from Tesla

Electrek currently reports that Michael Schwekutsch is just coming to Apple directly from Tesla to work in the “Project Titan” category. It was in Tesla above power units. From planning to engineering to manufacturing and testing. More recently, it seems he was working on the driving systems for the Tesla Roadster 2 and Tesla Semi models.
In the days gone by, Elon Musk said that Apple had been hiring people off to replace Tesla. He said: "We've always wanted to visit Apple for a lot of fun Tesla CemeteryHowever, they are clearly not made redundant. And that shouldn't be Michael Schwekutsch.

Apparently Apple needed an expert in the field and was able to "overpay" Tesla. In the past, Musk gave an account of salaries when he said Tesla was unable to make a competition with Apple to pay for work. And this is easy to understand. But we will see the fate of the future.

Will it be an "electric car"?

Although Apple has no experience of developing and generating electric vehicles, they have world-class experts who hire it and certainly create an exceptional case. We may not doubt that the necessary capital and security of production capacity are essential. When we become familiar with software and in-house hardware, an important part of today's autonomous vehicles, Apple may be bringing a real car to the market.
However, the hopes are not yet adversely affected. We do not yet have official information and, if the magazine reports of the Manager were confirmed, it is likely that the Apple electric car would be designed for corporate fleets and commercial mobility services as opposed to individual users.
In addition, by introducing the brand's pricing policy and marketing, we may expect it to be the passenger car of cars for the majority t . Alternatively, the successful Apple vehicle may be a good advertisement for electromobility in general.
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