Bergervin has also won a victory as a result of Tatar. He is a hard worker


Slovensk tonk Tom Tatar which was reinforced Saturday in a counterpart against Vancouver, Montreal helped win 3: 2 by its ninth hour in this season. He confirmed that he was not just an extra for change in September.

Tata has fired in the last few minutes. In their hands, they are nine, so they fairly get to the fifth with 20 gliders at a & # 39; least. I am currently on the first 30 pages. He has eight assistants and 17 points are the second biggest darkness behind Max Domini.

Canadian scientist, Brian Wilde from Global News, does not allow him to; contracted to be cold, and after the bourgeois illness in Canada, it was once blocked by Tatra's turf. Bergevin did not win two members and dreams for Max Pacioretty, but Vegas also made a Turkish salary.

In Vegas he replaced Tom Tatar, but only thinking about how he founded the Gold Barons, said Wilde. Tatasy under Gerard Gallant's main play was longer than it was played. The price was so low that George McPhee had just been converted to Max Pacioretty's change.

It's located a quarter so that a Trojan arm can otherwise be repaired.

It's amazing how Tattoo went into the ferry market because it was not going to be back to Vegas's Vegas, play, and did not want to beat it off. In addition, a sack was added: Marc Bergevin took over the Gold Barons and a Turkish wage. But it was lpe! spread.

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