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Black Friday is a home in Slovakia, it will last a month in stores

You do not have to pay your money back from colored materials.

November 22 2018 at 3:00 PM TASR

Bratislava. The sales tender came Friday, ie Black Friday, from the United States to Europe, and in recent years it has also been registered in Slovakia.

Crafts offering high-quality switches on & # 39; proportion, sometimes from 50 to 80 per cent. This year's event will fall on Friday November 23.

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Houses vacant before Christmas

According to Ľubomír Drahovský's business analysis, Black Friday's stores want empty houses before the next Christmas days to have a place for the new soil.

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However, it is difficult for some companies to detriment this work and only a few days around Black Friday, but they are also pulled out for their & # 39; month.

"It seems that I'm unreliable to the original name and to the user," he said. On the other hand, there are companies that are very difficult about one special day or a few days around Black Friday.

This year, amazing sales

This year, Drahovski said for a sale trade, and has been a very successful sale.

Housing income is higher than in the previous period, and people are also contributing loans to get loans to buy.

Black Friday for the whole month

A comparison port also warns that Black Friday is only just Friday, but the events are often held throughout the month.

"At this time, we can see that there may be prices for the same things as different sellers to account for up to 43 per cent, which is a ; mean that the magnificent lasers are often not to be done with good business, but often they simply return to the average price of their market. Compare the price of discounted prices with other vendors , "said Michal Vodak, director of marketing consultant.

Unhappy donations need to be an immediate opportunity and they need to look good at them.

"It can happen that the same material that gets the user in another shop at a price is even more favorable than other offers for miniatures," added Vodák.

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