Black Friday is a premium navigation for holiday

You can be in less than 10 eus.

If you have not been thinking about Christmas presents this year, we have a great example for you and your loved ones. The license fee is very good with updates throughout the day Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (The23.11. – 26.11.) cheaper with 80 per cent. The European map can be as well as 9.99 euros. When you decide to make additional traffic information over time, you will only buy at 13.99.

If you already have permission to buy permission, Sygic think about it too. The features are as well as being reduced:

  • News (€ 2.99) – You can not know where you are going by an essential map. This is why we have designed a plug-in that includes a bigger fact and a back camera on the # 39; phone – the way to the real world is.
  • Showcase (€ 2.99) – Winter days are short. If you are experiencing a screening address during the night to & # 39; Driving at night, see this add-on that sends all necessary information directly to the & # 39; wind wind in a pleasing light.
  • dashcam (€ 2.99) – Load up everything that is coming in front of you. While you are & # 39; Traveling, this nice plug-in will capture all that is done; go to the front of your car. When you go into the goal or after an accident, you can save the log and then use it to your advantage.

Map Unlock (Open)

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