Breast-resistant disease began as a result of a father who had not been able to block a son

One of the questions related to the disease of the frying disease that he broke in Vancouver. This problem covers more than nine cases, and it is unlikely that one of the children who have been vaccinated can be a father.

One man, Emmanuel Bilodeau, himself thinks his son has caused this problem, challenge some children. He argued that his son, who was decided not to be started, had been vaccinated in Vietnam during the Vietnam holidays. This infectious disease has come to two schools that divide a single bus company.

The reason why Bilodeau did not have one of his three children found himself to believe that his & her; vaccine causes autism. Another one of his two children had also caught a short short time after his first signal had to be; son.

"We were scared to get into our children because there were reservations about 10-12 year old vaccines. Doctors have investigated what is said to be a vaccine to autism. So we were worried, " Bilodeau said. At the same time, Bilodeau is not a man among the people who face the vaccine. His children were really scared.

Many people believe that there is a MMR vaccine, which faces a & # 39; measles, rubbish and rubella, cause autonomy especially because it is done at a time where children are often diagnosed with autism, ie between the ages of 18 months to 2 year.

The hospital is where Emmanuel Bilodeau's first son has been cured; proves he has a baby. Other children are waiting for blood tests.

It is important to recognize that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism, so it is important that it gets it. On the other hand, a person who does not have this vaccine may have severe health problems. In acne, a person can damage brain to death, lobs can cause mental brain, and rubella can cause a bonebone to make a word in pregnant women.

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