Cardiff City continued with new events after the death of Emilian Sal

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The latest regulation on the death of a footballer from Argentine Emiliano Salu has given the directors of the City of Cardiff a reality. Apparently, it was impossible for the pilot to fly Salo to a new flying place this night, apparently because he was suffering from a color blind.

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"We are very concerned about the news that David Ibbotson, the pilot and others who have organized the flight, have noticed the entire air traffic regulations and that Mr Salo was in real danger," she said. the main club said in an opinion given by AFP.

The aircraft with Salom went down to the English Channel on 21 January, two days after Cardiff signed a treaty with an Argentine assistant who had previously served in FC Nantes. The player or pilot of the disaster has not yet gone. The BBC's public company posted on Saturday information that the pilot was suffering from a color blind.

"This failure will get rid of fish at night because it is crucial that pilots in the dark recognize red and green lights," wells from the aviation environment.

People in Nantes and Cardiff are talking to the missing Emilian Sala

People in Nantes and Cardiff are talking to the missing Emilian Sala

Source: Reuters

“The information that David Ibbotson did not have an evening plane, surprises everyone. We hope that those responsible for the accident will be punished, " Cardiff Club added.

Accident inspectors and the British Civil Aviation Authority refused to comment. Ibbotson was allowed to take permission earlier. He had a valid registration from the USA which allowed him to fly within the European Union, but it was not for commercial purposes.



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