Changes announced by Telekom: Features are expressed. It is expected that it will help change its company

There is a change coming Friday. The operator specifies who keeps the posts.

Slovak Telekom and the T-Mobile Czech Republic indicate that active management will begin in a new agreement and with other actions on 1 March.

The new feature is that it will no longer be able to express the way to; B2C (current customers) and B2B (business) activities at the highest level.

"Initially, a new section of user knowledge and transformation will be created and it aims to know federalist experts on a number of domains. The most important word is the focus for users and will be put in place in the future of its company and airport transformation, "Telekom said in a press release.

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The operator produces a number of changes, and the company can help.

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Who will guide these departments?

The company says that it will be a Observe customer needs for product development by using digital and large data. Telekom and T-Mobil terms are still working in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

"Due to force level, many unions can already be achieved through access, content or corporate services and ICT solutions for the largest customers. This section will be led by Peter Škodný," said a & # 39; company.

In each of the countries there is also a separate Commercial sector. To deal with the creation of prices, sales, sales, customer service, marketing and external communications.

B2C and B2B will be led by Dušan Švalek in the Czech Republic, Juraj Bóna in the Czech Republic, which is a member of key directors. Bona also came to a joint venture from Slovakia.

Technology, finance, HR, corporate and retail issues are still focusing on the areas of business; at present. Chief of Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile's Czech Republic, José Perdomo Lorenzo, said the changes that mean "accelerate our way to digitize." But the operator did not identify more information.

Company felling

It is said that the market is that the new head of the two related job-makers are delivered at higher levels. The level of personal cuts should be changed by department. How many per cent of staff do not know to leave.

The diversity already related to Telekom Slofacach and T-Mobile Czechia in 2016.

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