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Chatar Peter Petras (72) has been still unhappy with politicians!

He came to the politicians in front of the Parliament.

Politicians came to mind the Parliament! The famous threat Tatra Petr Petras (72), which has restored the oldest house in the Tatras, is in danger of fighting for it again. The Rainer cemetery, which once stood (1,301 m) fixes on its feet and gives it a new life.

Five years ago, he helped Petras expand his Rainer's rent, which he states state Ľubomír Jahnátek. The Act on State Property Management which implemented power for a larger player to bid for the competition. A petition was launched, signed by over 35,000 people. Alternatively, the conversation room will lose the place of search. Eventually, he got into the competition and signed the contract by 2024. “Some politicians have pledged to change the state ownership control. Time is fast fast, now we are in the middle of the agreement, but nothing has happened, " he sent the memory Petras.

Some members of the National Council promised to contribute to the Chat Stories and Legend from the Tatras. Among them is Andrej Hrnčiar, who considers herself as a loved one and likes him. “We all know that Mr Petras owns Rainer's house. The problem however is that a change to the law would give the minister the power to terminate contracts without a competition, and that nobody wants to do so. It is an alarming circle, which can be politically abused, ”he added.confessed to us that the problem of chateau Petras was opened at a wider level.

Rainer's house was built over Herbienko near Old Smokovec in 1863. Later it became a warehouse and became extinct in the late 1970s. In 1997 Peter Petras renewed it. An old teacher has invested in his own money and created one of the most popular destination for visitors in the Tatras.

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