Christmas is Christmas decoration. What is the town doing?

It's light up when Nicholas came.

POPRAD. Poprad is also one of the cities that make a short preparation for Christmas holidays.

In the village they went to The most popular Christmas decoration installation, one of the main populations of winter populations.

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The angel is already on the road

Some Christmas decorations are already installed on Zdravotnicecká Street and at Tatra Park.

"This week, we will start the Christmas gate installation, next week with other elements. The greatest decoration of poprad decoration, Angel Angel, should come again in the middle of a round circle . According to weather, it should take place between 28 and 30 November, "said Angelika Františková, head of the town's office in Poprad.

As well as the installation itself, Poprad also made the necessary repairs.

After the next year the decoration was decorated, this year was largely held in the exchange of light chain chains.

New decoration will be added

Christmas decoration is usually lit in Poprad with Mikuláš along with children at a town center fiddle program on Wednesday 5th December at 5pm.

In addition to the traditional elements – Tree Tree, Bethlehem, Christmas Ball, Gateways or Starry Sky, one element of the decoration will be surprising.

The Christmas program starts at the beginning of December

An exception, which will be lit on Sunday, December 2, during The first Advent Sunday, a psychiatrist on a large floor that is located at the well on the front of the evangelical church.

The Tatramat & # 39; s Dance music concert will accompany the first Adventach light with the event.

On the same day, the traveler Nicholas will go through all urban areas.

On Sunday afternoon, the opening house will open at the spring where there are seven stallions.

Jarmok, concerts and theater

Poprad municipality will also be preparing a different program.

"Popradské will have a wealthy program, which will include a number of events, including the Traditional Christmas Show from 14th to 16th December," said Marián Galajd, a communications manager.

According to the speaker, Popradčania can enjoy the Advent concert on the first Advent Sunday, the live drama show Live Bethlehem, Concert Stephen and Concert Three-Kings, to become the head before Christmas.

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