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Dan Nekonečný: Renowned Czech singer and showman died!

Czech Czech star Daniel Nekonečný was found by medical experts at home. "We can show that we were crowned to death a person 53 years after the request by the Police of the Czech Republic on Tuesday after 11am., ”Jana Poštová, spokesman for the Prague ambulance. The singer was born in 1966, and so the rescuers told them the age of 53. According to Blesk, Daniel Nekonečný.

The death of a person at this address has been confirmed by the police. "I can confirm that the police officers have been beat to the Vrchu Street Street in order to die. There are still police officers there and we will not provide any more information, ”Said Andrea Zoulová, a spokesman for the Republic of Czech Republic.

Even after noon, the police were still there, and the coronation and with the expert expert, she was looking at the house where the couple were doing. dead dead. According to Prima the body was found in the bathroom. "There is a fire brigade as well as a fire brigade as well as the gang. They've had to go into the house with a force. Now the woman has been forced to go into a house. T who cleaned Dan in a place, "said electrical.

Around thirty-three in the evening, the first police report passed on the death situation of Daniel Infinite. "No convicts have detected any signs of foreign fines in the area;Andrea Zoulova, Czech Police spokesman, Blesk, said.

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The Delight Minister is dying Under Nekonečný († 52): For women, the rescue unit night! Markéta Reinischová, Jan Brunclík

His most famous vrrrrrrrrrr, which he contributed to all the sentences, knew the Czech Republic as a whole. Daniel Nekonečný loved life, laughing regularly, cheering and having fun. He walked with nice clothes, usually hanged by jumpers, flowers and other supports. His face was red with gold and struck with different gold and banners. Often feathers were worn with native feathers. His eyes were covered with sunglasses.

To keep his breath fresh, he always chewed tweed. While he was playing, there were always Brazilian dancers in his uniform. It included color paintings, fireworks and other tropical elements.

In 2009 he was head of a group Šum svistu. He appeared in the film How To Tame Crocodiles, Eliška Likes Wilderness, or in the TV film. Stories from the Fireplace.

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Dan Nekonečný and Šum svistu at 57th Member of the International Hotel Lightning TV Zdeněk Matyáš

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