Directors have led exiles: The struggle between Lajčák and Fic is behind the president's election?

This is the news portal. At the same time, Lajčák argued with Robert Fico and says politicians respond to choices with their views on her; Agreement. He said this before the government met. Information on how a Foreign Affairs Minister could also be captured by his / her. Prime Minister Petr Pellegrini. Lajčák will be in front of his foreign committee tomorrow. At the same time, Lajčák said that this is not about Robert Fic, but about what Slovakia wants us to be.

The World Trade Agreement on Migration has dominated politicians! Ministry published a controversial document in Slovakia

Fighting within Direction

After the NHS is the ruler or the SaS challenging and our family is against that, government management was also against it. Lajcak said there is a political struggle on the side. He had consulted with Ficom before the BP video made Facebok. However, their conversation, their terms, would be explained in a different way. "This is not about the document, everyone here is to handle options, they all deal with our small home politics," Lajčák told the media before the meeting, with Robert Fica thinking about all of them.

"We can not sit behind the furnace and create Facebook status, if there are some cases, they must be mentioned and expressed," the foreign minister said the margo of the UN's controversial negotiations. Robert Fico, in a video on the social network, said that the global agreement is a legal document that is legally linked but politically strong. According to Fica, it is not consistent with the national immigration policy in the Slovak Republic and is also unsuitable for Smer-SD.

"Since I have been a Minister, I have been pushing for a vision of Slovak, democratic, European, which is part of the solution. But if the rulers need It's great to say that Slovakia is trying to become self-growing, trying to be a part of the problems and leaving other people's solutions, so I can not & # 39 ; pushing for such a policy, " the head came diplomacy.

Robert Fico

Well: TASR – Jakub Kotian

He also said that the government is going to negotiate the simplification of the employment of people from third countries. "It's just a legitimate, regulated immigration, just what this format says" he said. The fundamental grievances of the world's Worldwide Potential on Migration are proposed; Parliament debate. In this context, Lajčák has taken on Wednesday to take part in a foreign committee at the National Sovereignty Public Council.

The Bridge recognizes the Lajcak

Most of the party's & # 39; understand Lajcak. "We understand the problem of the Foreign Affairs Minister, who was in the draft of the document, who speaks about the abuse of the subject for free political points," said spokesman Klára Debnár.

Robert Fico, Andrej Danko, Béla

Source: TASR – Martin Baumann

Why should I be a president candidate?

The Foreign Affairs Minister argued that he was thinking about why the colleagues have at his / her. party in presiding candidate post. "On the one hand, as I failed, I really gave Shlacaia's interest as President of the General Assembly, which is unhappy, but this is what they are doing. trying to emerge, and on the other hand I need to be good enough for the president " He said he had raised his / her question, and he thinks about politics and choices within the organization.

The answer to this paradox, according to one another, is politics inside and choices. But he still sees himself in foreign politics. "They play their games and these games cause me because they put them in an illegal person," replied to his / her question about what he says in colleagues' comments; His party was a suitable candidate. No one can talk about an application to Fica himself.

Lajcak also said that he is fully supported in survey options that may be the presidential candidate options. "I see this as a consideration of my work in a field of diploma and foreign policy. I want to do that," he repeated.

The Government declines quota and redemption quiz

Earlier in November, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini warned the Slovak citizens that Slovakia had not settled on immigration. "I am sure to ensure that Slovak citizens that Slovakia does not change are based on a subject of migration. The government under my leadership will not do anything that threatens or weakens security and sovereignty of a Slovak Republic. "

He replied in response to his / her calling for a & # 39; move. It is our family to make members of us; the UN UN Immigration Agreement, which did not put it in touch with the people who were sure that Slovakia would not accept any migration in this form.

Patrick Pellegrini

Source: Government Office

"The government continues to denounce quotas and mandatory redundancies of migrants," appointing the head of activity. At the same time, however, he refused heavily "Abusive and causal misunderstandings of citizens with the subject of migration by some of the challenging groups as part of an ongoing campaign for home elections."

CIS has been going on, Lajčák asked for debate

The NHS has also traveled from the proposal. "The CIS notes that the final draft of the UN World Charter on Safe, Regulatory and Legal Migration of July 11 2018 is the unparalleled document, which incorporates integrity landlords by incorporating new political instruments, instruments and commitments, and adversely affecting the governance and execution of immigration policy, " said Pasca.

Accordingly, the NHS considers that the document must be first discussed in National Council groups and its; consortium council, and then to publish the official functions of the SR on whether it is and how it will participate in a & # 39; the implementation of the document that is proposed. At the same time, Lajčák asked a debating debate without a knowledge.

The 193 UN member states agreed to agree to the Immigration Agreement in September 2016. The work began on the text in April 2017. The aim of the & # 39; 34-page paper helps to organize better migration streams and & # 39; strengthening immigration rights. It emphasizes the incapacity of the sovereignty of individual countries and their right to the form of a migration policy.

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