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Do you get a lot of water at night? Measure your blood pressure

Different reasons can visit regularly at night overnight.

Night shelter may seem to show a larger male protein, diuretic or inactivated drugs in the evening, heart failure or absorbing late into the evening. The Japanese experts at the Japanese Touring Society gave an overview of Watari. Depending on the timing, the night's emissions often happen in patients with high blood pressure (or arterial hybrid).

Measure your weight

Dr Satoshi Konno from the Numeracy Department is the author of the study. It shows that if you regularly turn through the night, you check your blood pressure and check how you go into it.

In a Watari survey, researchers researched 3749 participants from Watari who carried out a medical examination once a year. Within this, doctors were also given information about nocturnal urination and patients also received blood pressure measures. Those with blood pressure 140/90 or more, or those who were taking medication to treat high blood therapy, were considered an overriding aim for the purpose of the inspection.

Scientists have found that nocturia, or sedimentary ballooning, is associated with mass bruising. There was a direct proportion that claimed more honor each night, the more serious the risk of rape.

Reported up to 69% of nocturia patients. But, as mentioned by Konno, the study has not directly engaged with nocturia with hyperactivity, such as involvement in a range of factors such as lifestyle, race, genetic background and similar to an animation. In general, the department may indicate high salt content, which is also a vital factor in death.

Cus salt

In Japan, the salt level (10 g / day) is considerably higher than the global average (4 g / day). In Slovakia, however, we are similar, unless we are worse than the Japanese.

High blood pressure is one of the problems we have ever gone – when it causes it, for example, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease and more. If we are not focusing on its control, we may ignore it otherwise, because high blood pressure does not hurt. Despite that, it belongs to the killer and did nearly 30,000 Slovaks out each year in Slovakia.

Lifestyle changes are strongly recommended in the fight against heat. There is plenty of exercise and variety of ingredients based on fruit and vegetables, weight loss, stopping smoking and reducing stress to the lowest possible level, as the basis for recovery t unlicensed drugs. If medicines are required, the doctor can keep their doses as low as possible if the patient takes these steps.

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