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End of the story: NASA has finally finalized "Rover Opportunity"

The Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission has been successfully completed, completing the easiest Mars search with self-verification. Amongst the intention were two Marsochody, Spirit Spirit ("Spirit" and "Guru", "Courage"), officially MER-A and Opportunity ("Opportunity"), officially MER-B.

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But, apparently, the six-fast rover was not the "bicep", just the face. Instead of a planned life of 90 sols (martian days, which lasts about 25 hours), he worked on his / her; red planet for over 14 years. It has passed since its inception on Meridiani on January 26, 2004, to June 10, 2018, when NASA's venue was the last inspection.

Cothrom Shadow Selfie on June 26, 2004, half-year on Mars. NASA SOURCE

On the way, his own spirits, not one of the rover spirits, did not equal. Mars was running from 25 January 2004 instead of three months for more than six years. He was almost unable to escape on the 6th anniversary of landing, Spirit, January 26, 2010. Despite this, the prisoner still continued to broadcast the information on Earth until finally it was silent on March 22, 2010.

Storm lost

As Spirit and Equity gave energy from the photovoltaic panels, they were different from the Information fan, who had a nuclear generator on board, which depended on enough sunlight. Mars did not get deserted Mars before them.

Panorama of the Eagle CraterSOURCE OF NASA / JPL-Caltech

There are often local mystery storms on Mars, but in the middle of last year, several waste rubbish was created at the same time. They then went into one full plan, and they only entered the Fair solar panels, but through the fierce sky for several weeks, sunlight was converted with very intense.

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For such cases, surface monitors will be recorded until winter, and this is also the case. happening for the rover Opportver. However, the batteries did not even live on a week's energy, and were not inspected through a deep sleep.


When the Martian started or washed after a few weeks, scientists are hoping that rainfall will not be done; The program is temporary but they only need to recycle their batteries as long as they do it; link to Earth. But the Laboratory Propulsion Jet did not pass in Pasadena, Calif., Forward and sometimes set a rover of marks to the rover.

Overall, there were more than a thousand orders. However, when Opportunity had not responded to in the eight months, NASA completed the MER mission positively on February 12, 2019.

Amazing collection of rewards

Despite the end of the MER mission, and in particular the rover chance, many were exceed expectations and goals. The original proof of life was only planned for 90 days, and overlooking the surface of its testament; planet gets over 1000m. The truth is that the MER initiatives have been explained by NASA information that was released at the end of the mission.


The results also influenced the success of the previous ones and the fool; to explore Martian's surface, the small Sojourner sun rover from Mars Pathfinder, which landed on Mars on July 6, 1997. Sojourner worked until September 27, 1997, when the last connection. During his research, he put around 550 images and a number of chemical investigations to Earth.

On the other hand, Opportunity adds more than 217,000 photos to the control center, and # 39; including 15.5 ° color panoramas. Using spectrometer and microscope camera, analyzed 52 stones and 72 other sites.

Cothrom Rover with entertaining panels.SOURCE OF NASA / JPL-Caltech

Cothrom has also confirmed that we are always hoping by scientists – Mars did not have much rain in the past. Today this idea is reinforced by the investigation of information and other sources and we know that the water is still there.

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But he was the first beginner; in Cothrom. The last water detector is determined by the hematite detection, which is formed by the mineral in the water environment. In addition, the Endeavor sieve probe has witnessed the effects of water that occur in the freshwater lochs on Earth. There was evidence that there had been a life in Mars in the past.

Live traffic on the red planet

But with Opportunity move to history, Mars's research just starts to start; start. Currently, Caleosity Rover (Laboratory Laboratory Mars) works in the Gale Crater area, and InSight carries out psychological research. From the planet's orbit, it will exploring several of the active lines, and in 2020 it will focus on the NASA Mars 2020 rover and a joint project of ESA and Roscosmos rover at the ExoMars mission.

Three generations of NASA Martians rovers: Sojourner Beag on the forehead, Left left / Spirit and Disorder.SOURCE OF NASA / JPL-Caltech

The search for idiomology will begin, and it will not last long if it's left; The first assaults out the paths in the brown and white planets. They work on space organizations, along with private companies.

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