End of year: Slovenian youth came in the way to Italy

Representation of Slovakia until 19 years
Representation of Slovakia until 19 years

RECANATI – Slobhacia's 19-year football influenced the home team in Recanati 4-2 (2: 1) on Monday afternoon.

For several coaches Alberto Rusnák st. This is the last look in & # 39; this calendar year. It will inform the Swedish Football Association (SFZ) on its Facebook.

An Eadailt "19" – Slócaia "19" 2: 4 (1: 2) – played in the Italian Recanati town

Amasan: 34. Rauti, 86. Portanova – 5. M. Kmeť, 9. D. Strelec, 49. K. Mihálek, 90. + Pišoja

SR Series "19": Ludha – L. Kučera (72. Suľa), Pišoja, M. Petro, Vojtko – Myslovič, Mader (44. Machara), J. Kadák (80. Bobček) – K. Mihálek (90. Pigeon) M. Kmeť (46 I. Mesic)

Alebert Rusnák ("19" SR coach): "We are pleased that we can play counterparts as well, with spectacle size and spectator viewing parameters, all of the time; play on both sides at an accelerated pace, from the early minutes we play actively, Compliance in our opponent's protection range After receiving a member, play We had a straight line, together, we were effective, we achieved two goals after beautiful games, we got 3-0, but we found a solution to the situation in sixteen of Italy and From the lawsuit gathered We went on to play our game in the second half of the season, and we went up to 3: 1 after an early action, but the Italians attacked to the audience, but we did a good job in the defense, although the home team dropped off the corner round and the referee did not recognize the usual ambition for the outside, we did, however, in the last five minutes and we could double, The house was added to at least the keeper he was alone against players. I'm glad that the first-guys who've got the firsthand can get rid of all, if quality football is added to winning desire and desire. "

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