EPI Industries is changing the structure of shareholders

The change must still be agreed by the antitrust authority.

20 November 2018 at 10:00 SITA

Bratislava. EP EP Business (EPI), which, among other things, is associated companies involved in energy engineering or waste management, to change its share structure.

"The owners of the EPI currently and in the future have done a series of things," said EPI spokesman Daniel Častvej.

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Corporate governance also changes

EPI Entrepreneurs Daniel Křetínský (77.5 per cent) and Cetlová Klá (22.5 per cent) occupy 48 per cent of EPI Holding.

Roman Korbacka businessman is over 36%.

A company with a group of directors of EPI and EPH is a section of less than 16 per cent.

As the EPT has been added, EPI's corporate governance will change, with EPI and an EFA majority entity as the most dominant influence on governance.

"On the other hand, EPI Holding will go into a more remote location," he said, saying that the change in the structure of the sections is still subject to an agreement from the antitrust office.

Křetínský took at least

"This change shows that I have had little EPI management over the last few years. I am very pleased to welcome the EPI and EPH managers which has made a significant contribution to the construction of its company to date on the opportunity to invest in an EPI and still manage its company, " EPI Chairman Daniel Křetínský said.

EP Activities were established in 2011 with a range of energy activities from the EPH investment.

The company has a & # 39; including SOR Libchavy, Elektrizace železnic Praha, AVE and Slovenské waste company energetické strojárne Tlmače.

White CZK 14.6 billion (CZK) in sales of last year's groups. The EPI Group employs more than five thousand employees.

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