Exploration of the murder of the Volzova murder: Pavol Russia is still in Slovakia

"The accused person has consistently shown probationary guidance in the Regional Court (KS) settlement in Bratislava dated 21 November 2017," responded Monday in a question to Spokesman KS in Bratislava Pavol Adamčiak. Regarding Pavol Ruis is often the probationer and when he comes closest, he does not know. It was last seen by the KS in Bratislava about a month ago.

Earlier last October, Bratislava II District Court (SO) Pavel Rusk returned to prison. At the end of November, however, the Bratislava defeated the KS since it was held and placed local equipment. As a result, the Auditor General of Auditors asked in February about the reasons why the accused was extended to the accused of the cause of "consensus". Ultimately, the Bratislava OS OS discharged the request and at the beginning of its mail; May the KS in Bratislava rejected the complainant's complaint without a foundation and was prosecuted as a delay.

They are closed

In another case, where Russia's Pavilion appears – in the case of a murder of the murder of Silvie Volz, whom he was in. going to take part, the research was completed. "In the criminal case questioned, an investigation was completed and the file was filed by the accused and the accused person," the Attorney General and Attorney General (KP) spokesman in Bratislava, Michal Šúrek, said on Friday (16 November). Just after examining the extensive writings of KP in Bratislava, he decided on the next issue.

The Russian police opposed the crime that was preparing to kill the massacre of its Volzova business company. Members of the Sloichich land, such as Bosnia, Róbert Lališ, alias Kýbel, and many of the criminals convicted by Banskobystrický bos Mikuláš Černák, and eventually the co-aoean by the name Miloš Kaštan finally.

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