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It is decided. The Passat Volkswagen production will be moved from German Emden to the Czech Kvasin. Rošád has a lot more in the VW concert. Škoda Karoq can complete in Bulgaria.

The VW Passat, made in Emden, Germany, ...

VW Passat, made in German
Emden, move to the Czech Republic. It will create a place for the team
to make electric cars.
Author: Volkswagen

It is not long before the Seican unions have made a protest against the mission
Škoda Superb, Škoda banner, in Germany. Finally, everything is different.
On the forehead. The VW Group is preparing to reduce logistics and production
cost of large model rosh. They have the impact on playing them too
electric cars. But let's start with the Passat. The Board of Directors is definitely determined
Transformation of the Passat to the future Kvasins will be represented, ie where
Today Škoda is a high quality, but Škoda Kodiaq, Karoq and Seat Ateca. Quiz here
created with the Superbe and Kodiaqu.

The two other models of Škoda Karoq and Seat Ateca are required
to be withdrawn because there is a capacity to & # 39; A plant in Kvasiny is already used as a whole
Today, and the same thing is going for the maternity race in Mlada Boleslav. That is bad
to build a new race. The place where the factory is growing is still not determined.
In any case, it will be a landmark in eastern Europe. Uncertainly
or Slovia suffering from a shortage of dysfunction; skilled work. speculation
about Hungarian or Bulgaria. There is no connection to summer systems
The models mentioned above are less than the electric effort

In the current family of Passatov, Emden of Germany, the group is design
to create their own production base for electric cars. This is not today
the plant is well used because the demand for its & # 39; middle school falls, where it is
also includes Passat, and it is & # 39; assume that the sale of this model will continue
reduce disruption. So there's plenty in Kvasiny enough. Ann Emden
VW will begin to create I.D. The lines would be on the first pieces
reaches to 2022, under a number of marshes. It will be smaller
electric vehicles such as the I.D. fish, registered for 2020.

This will be done in Cvikov with five other electric cars
three group brands. Map Unlock (Open) The ghost will wake up again
at the Hanover plant, where the production of the modules continues
engines were burned. VW Group decision to make electric cars
In Germany, however, there is questioning. The creation of electric cars alone
very expensive and in a country with one of the highest average wages
even more expensive. At the same time, there is a high price electric car problem, which is
unhealthy in a competitive fight.

In addition, Volkswagen was told that the new generation is
electric models of I.D. be accessible. The decision is defended by Oliver
Blume, Member of the VW Group. "German factories are special
suitable for transformation to make electric cars, due to high
knowledge and certification of our staff. We change them
future. This also provides us with the results of different companies
Increase co-operation and reduce costs, "said Blume.

Remember that so far Volkswagen has made the biggest technology
high quality models in Bratislava. From the lines in Devínska Nová Ves he met
and not just the VW Up electricity, but also the VW Tourage, Audi Q7 or interconnected
Porsche Cayenne transitory. The ability of this race may not be offered more
investments. The first Passats should be in Kvasiny in 2022. Question
However, there is still the Passat as we know today. In German
The media has recently published information provided
the deceased would not have been the sale of the postman, which was originally designed only
year 2022nd

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