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Facebook keeps track of you even after disabled your account

If you say Facebook, it is likely that our social network will no longer be secure, especially for the privacy of their users. This is largely due to the indications that have arisen over the past year in relation to the distribution of user data. However, this may not be the only problem with this social network.

Many people have decided to disable their social network accounts by deleting or destroying their social network accounts. These people might think that this phase would stop Facebook collecting and collecting data for better use.. But according to CNET Internet magazine, these people are wrong.

If someone decides to deactivate the account, it happens that they hide the data from others. However, this feature should not be used to protect against personal data for advertising purposes. In this spirit, Facebook representatives also mentioned CNET. The strange thing that Facebook does not mention in its terms of use is, that users may upset it.

That means that Facebook may publish data about you even if you have deleted the account. This happens, for example, on each of the web pages 275 million that have a shared button on Facebook. The social network can then record your behavior and interest in separate parts of the site. The best way to delete your Facebook account is. But this will not even protect you from Facebook. So the social network collects some of our knowledge, whether we use it or not.

You can also use browsers that prevent blocking elements on site. The problem is that these blocked features stop a serving service, which could stop an independent port. TThe main income is to serve ads on their premises. Obviously, we have to wait for Facebook to stop completely.

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