Fashion Policing from Governor Awards: Is Lady Gaga Pregnant?

On Sunday afternoon, the Awards of the Governors, won by the Motion Picture Arts Academy and American Sciences, were released in Los Angeles. Emma Stone, Emily Blunt and Lupita Nyong Kidman have not lost their chance to get away. But Lady Gaga is very interested!

For the name "Reverend Oscars, which was awarded since 2009, many famous actors and singers came. In the evening, he celebrated a memorial for people who suffered from the devastating fires California hit some days ago.

Emma Stone

As it is normal, most women have a shaking this time. Louis Vuitton's white dress was a medical appetite that embraces Emma Stone's actress. The famous girlfriend of a red girl showed her specialty. In conjunction with the style of the pen you selected, however, it will be a bad move.


Lady Gaga

At the moment, the singer is the most watched singer for her role in the movie-born star Lady Gaga. The boy did not look as well as he was on a Sunday night. The photographers justified the gut across Valentino, which hid itself inequality on her; character. During the situation, Gaga even disturbed her stomach, asking for debate about her. may be heavy.


Lupita Nyong

Lupita Nyong's mid-actress had a & # 39; look literally on the red carpet. The 12th anniversary of the film was decorated with a white dress with Tom Ford. Together with her dark skin, this selection was excellent. Lupita dressed up with an original gorgeous style, making it one of the best dressing women in the night. Mail & # 39; cherry on black earring cake and purple copy for 35-year-old actress.


Emily Blunt

There was even an unprecedented 35-year-old Emily Blunt. An actress from the film, Diabol Wearing Pradu, has joined the two strands of the Dundas brand, who also loves Beyoncé and Emily Ratajkowski. Although Emily was publishing her lap she was very handsome and handsome. The company sent the night with her husband, John Krasinski.


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